Monday, February 23, 2009

The comic-iest Oscars ever!

I'm using the fact that Hugh "Wolverine" Jackman hosted the Oscars as an excuse to write about them in this comic book blog.

Mr Jackman was delightful, I thought, and I especially loved his opening number with the big "I'm Wolverine!" finisher. He was very funny and charming, but I still don't think he's the sexiest anything, let alone man alive. I'm looking forward to a big musical number in Wolverine.

I loved the set, and having the orchestra out of the pit. And I really liked that Danny Boyle made a point of mentioning how great the set was, and thanking the people responsible. Classy! I don't know how "toned down" the whole works looked, especially with that giant crystal curtain, but who wants to see a low-budget Oscars?

Bill Maher really came off as a douche, eh? Awkward, awkward jokes and very predictable "MY documentary wasn't nominated!" remarks. And then he almost opened the envelope before reading the nominees because he was too busy thinking about how much smarter he is than everyone else. From now on, only delightful, charming people at the Oscars please.

Speaking of looking like a douche: Peter Gabriel. I mean, whatever, I know that cutting the songs off at one minute or whatever seems disrespectful, but when I was watching the performance of the medley of nominated songs, the slots for each one seemed long enough. And poor John Legend (who maybe had laryngitis or maybe was trying to sound more like Peter Gabriel?) had to step in at the last minute and sing those ridiculous lyrics while Gabriel sat a few rows away. What if that song had won? Awk-ward.

Also a douche: Zac Efron for leaving presenting partner Alicia Keyes in his dust when he strode out onto the stage.

And...that kid from Twilight for rocking that ridiculous vampire stare the whole time. Lift your head, son. Stand up straight.

I think the best dress was Marisa Tomei's.

And I think the worst dress was, sadly, the one that Queen Latifah was wearing during her song. Was the dress a tribute to something? It kinda looked like a crazy prom dress that I would have designed when I was seven, and only had one crayon left. Too bad because her red carpet dress was lovely.

I liked that little Pineapple Express bit with Janusz Kaminski, especially when they were watching Milk.

When the first acting award was given out using that five presenters format, I was worried that the show was going to be ten hours long. Cut to Robert Downey Jr in the audience, and I could tell he was thinking the same thing. But y'know what? I really liked it. I thought it was really nice for those past winners to be sharing such kind, and seemingly unscripted at times, words with the nominees. Plus it was exciting to see five amazing actors on the stage at a time ( lead actress was given out without much reaction from the audience, but when they brought out the five male actors to give out that award, there was a standing ovation. Women: booooooooo! Men: yaaaaaaaaaay!). I think that they should have used the same format for best director. And, as Matt and I were joking, for best movie. They could just have five things, like "Please welcome The Godfather, Citizen Kane, Ben-Hur, Lawrence of Arabia and the Titanic!"

I have always found it amusing that there is such a huge difference in speeches from when actors win, or when anyone else wins. Actors are always overwhelmed and crying and hyperventilating talking about fainting, but when a sound editor or someone wins they are just like "Thanks. This means a lot." They worked just as hard or harder on the exact same movie, and have also just won the highest honour that they can receive in their industry, but they manage to hold it together.

I was really surprised that Mickey Rourke didn't win, but happy that Sean Penn won. I really liked Milk a lot, and was hoping that it might win best picture. Oh well. Slumdog Millionaire was pretty good too.

And, of course, Heath Ledger's win was both sad and exciting. Exciting because it's the highest honour a comic-based movie has ever won at the Oscars. I still think Christopher Nolan deserved a nomination, but oh well. He'll just have to make the next Batman movie even better.

And finally, yay for the guy from Man on Wire for doing a coin trick at the podium, and then balancing the Oscar on his chin. We need more of that at the Oscars for sure.


Zak said...

I agree. Women: Booo, men: Yay!.

This validates my near constant booing of women.

Sea_of_Green said...

I'm with ya, Rachelle -- I thought this Oscars show was superb. Not perfect, but definitely a lot more entertaining than most previous broadcasts. I also loved the five-presenter approach to the acting categories. I couldn't help laughing at Meryl Streep's apparent, uncomfortable squirming under Sophia Loren's gaze,though. There seemed to be an implied, jealous "BITCH!" in Sophia's presentation, and I think Meryl caught it. ;-)

SallyP said...

Well pooh. I didn't get to watch this year, because my sweet baboo was watching Nascar. I missed Hugh Jackman!

j. said...

"...but I still don't think he's the sexiest anything, let alone man alive."

Gadzooks, woman! Dost thou need glasses? He's the sexiest EVERYTHING!

I personally didn't care for the five presenters bit because some of the past winners were either a)terrible at reading cue cards, b)should have been wearing glasses, c)hadn't rehearsed or d)all of the above. Sophia Loren, as noted, was not good. But she held her single pose through the entire speech. I liked that Anthony Hopkins had to actually perform during his speech. Brad Pitt a brilliant actor? Hopkins was in Brad's biggest mess-terpiece, Legends of the Fall. He certainly knows that Brad ain't much of anything!

I thought Hugh's only stumble was that horrible "The Musical is Back" number in the middle. Maybe the year Chicago came out that was an appropriate sentiment. But this year...when Mama Mia flopped and...well, were there any other musicals worth seeing? That little dance routine was just embarassing.

I didn't know the drama concerning Peter Gabriel's song. Frankly I'm thinking it had more to do with the fact that his song was hackish and dull, especially up against the two Slumdog numbers. Maybe the lyrics for those were equally stupid but I wouldn't know. I just know they sounded great.

And I love that apparently NO ONE saw the Reader. No one! Maybe not even the director.

In summation: Hugh Jackman equals super hot! Yay for CGI Sci-Fi! and Hooray for Gays!

your pal,

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