Friday, March 20, 2009

Cylon cookies!

There are many copies!

To celebrate (or mourn) the last episode of Battlestar Galactica tonight, I made Cylon cookies. And you can too!

First you just have to fashion a custom cookie cutter out of a heavy duty foil lasagna pan like so:

Then you make your favourite sugar cookie dough. Like all things in life, I turn to a fictional character for advice here. Betty Crocker has never steered me wrong.

Alright, now roll out that dough and get ready to cut some cylon heads!

Now, remember, when designing your cutter, and when placing the cookies on the pan, these cookies are going to lose their shape quite a bit when they bake and spread out all over the place. Leave a lot of room.

Time to toast those toasters! Bake for about 10 minutes until they start to get a little golden. Be careful taking them off the sheet after because they are delicate. We had a couple of casualties.

When the cookies are nice and cool, you can decorate them! I split a batch of vanilla frosting in half and coloured one half red and one half silver. Matt drew a Cylon head that we could use as a guide:

Mmmmm...delicious Cylons!

Enjoy the last episode everyone!


Bully said...

You have just become my favorite blogger.

Mmmm, delicious Cylons.

Kandou Erik said...

That was a great ending. It finished so many things, but left just enough mystery to rattle around in our heads for years to come.

They always said that Battlestar Galactica mirrors us - that we're them, just in space. That became even more true with that episode.

Oh, and those Japanese robots never looked more frightening.


Anonymous said...

Let's make some Cylon shaped toast(er)s after!

denelian said...

i have yet to watch the last 4 eps. we are stringing it out... we don't want it to end :)

all that said; do you have a recipe for the frosting (other than food coloring i mean). i don't really like store bought frosting, and have never found a recipe i LIKE. so whenever anyone posts about frosting, i ask :)

alan said...

Heh, are you like the result of some 'Weird-Sciencey' experiment to create the perfect wife/girlfriend?

victor said...

amazing. absolutely amazing, wow. somewhere out there, philip glass suddenly felt a tickle on his bum and smiled because of you :)

Anonymous said...

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