Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1

The second installment in Reviewing Darwyn Cooke's Garbage, in which we randomly read and write about comics which he kindly gave to us.

Trying...so hard...to care about Uncle Sam and...Freedom Fighters.

Agh. I can't do it.


Michael Rawdon said...

As a fan of All-Star Squadron and (sorta) the old Freedom Fighters series from the 70s (when - in my defense - I was considerably shorter than I am now), I was curious enough about this to thumb through it when it hit the stands.

But boy, the art was so bad I just couldn't bring myself to actually read the thing.

rachelle said...

Oh lord it's terrible! Especially the shiny rubber women.

This series is not going to sell anyone new on Uncle Sam.

Johnathan said...

Huh. From the looks of that cover, they've finally given the Phantom Lady (I think) a whole costume. The old one basically consisted of two strips of fabric just barely wide enouge to cover a nipple each, in beautiful lime green. It looked like something that Vampirella had thrown out because she didn't want to look slutty.

rachelle said...

Yeah. Now she looks classy.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit that the art is atrocious und very, very cheesecakey, but it's really fun to read, for the most part. Outside of their original Earth-X context (and even then), "Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters" is an utterly ridiculous concept and the writers seem to be very well aware of that. It's filled with equally silly (but entertaining) concepts, like politically themed, government sanctioned super-villains (Chief Justice, Spin Doctor, Embargo and Propaganda!) or the "Mathemagicians of the Anti-Life Equation" (who, apparently, are robot constructs that love to dance with corpses.. no, seriously.) and still manages to make a interesting statement about current US politics without taking itself way too seriously. This alone makes it about ten thousand times better than any hamfisted political allegory which recently has been let loose into mainstream comics (I admit that that's not saying much, but still..).
Plus, Freedom Fighters also does a very fine job of making completely osbure concepts like Phantom Lady, Miss America, Black Condor or the Red Bee(!!) look really cool und awesome.
I can understand if you don't want to waste money on it on acount of the art, but you should definitely try and get some copies from friends or whatever, Palmiotti&Gray are really good at incorporating stupid and/or laughable characters into clever and interesting stories.