Thursday, December 28, 2006

Batman and Hawkman: Batman Wins

In an attempt to become better acquainted with sexy, sexy Hawkman, I turned to The Brave and The Bold no.164.

Unfortunately for the Thanagarian superhunk, this comic has only strengthened my undying love for Batman.


Exhibit A:

Batman has enough of a sense of fun to call his helicopter a Whirly-Bat.

Exhibit B:

Batman remains cool-headed and optimistic in the most challenging and confusing situations.

Exhibit C:

His self-confidence.

Batman knows he's got a body worthy of the gods.

Exhibit D:

Batman can really rock wings and an oxygen mask.

You can tell he loves those wings. Look at those poses he's striking! I'm surprised he doesn't just ask Hawkman to give him an anti-gravity belt permanently. It would really help Batman out.

I think Batman pulls off the wings better than Superman, but I'll let you be the judge:

That panel's from DC Comics Presents no. 74. I guess Hawkman can't team up with anyone without lending them some wings. I like that Batman had his own little Bat-symbol embellishment on the wing straps. Because Batman takes the time to do things right.

And, finally...

Exhibit E:

Batman is open to trying new things.

Damn! Is there no end to Hawkman and his sexy adventures?

In closing, I would like to say that this is one of the weirdest final panels I have ever seen:

So...many...immature...sexual jokes to be made...



Roy said...

Ha! Hawkman's face in that last panel is *fantastic*!

I bet Batman doesn't have the wings because Hawkman wouldn't let him alter them to look like bat wings.

"Hmmm. These certainly would be easier and more convenient than using a rope to swing around on. Do they come in black, no feathers?"

Scipio said...

"Damn! Is there no end to Hawkman and his sexy adventures?"

Ye gods, that panel is hilarious!

Viagra said...

No questions asked, Batman is just cooler in every way than Hawkman.i feel bad for Hawkman actually, so many tries to make him rock, but they have to put Batman in to get all attention