Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Batman on Film: Ranked

Because it was brought up the other night while watching the Richard Donner cut of Superman II (totally watch's worth it), here are how I would rank the Batman movies from best to worst.

1. Batman Begins
2. Batman Returns
3. Batman: The Movie (1966)
4. Mask of the Phantasm
5. Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt
6. Batman (1989)
7. The Batman/Superman Movie
8. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

9. Batman Forever
10. Batman and Robin

Notice the long break before those last two. No accident. Although, I might actually prefer Batman and Robin to Forever because it is one of the most hilarious things you can watch.

And, yeah. I think Batman Begins is the best Batman movie. Which one is better...really? We'd all love to stay stuck in the 90s and preach the virtues of Tim Burton to today's troubled youth, but...seriously. I can barely watch the first Batman movie because of Kim Basinger's CONSTANT SCREAMING. And I love that movie, I really do. But it's flawed. Very flawed. I greatly prefer Returns, but even that isn't so much a great Batman movie. It's just great for what it is.

Hopefully this will spark some debate. Because I know you nerds out there love to go on about what the best superhero movies are.

In the meantime...POW!


Johnathan said...

Though 'Back to the Batcave' is tops in the Mentioning Burt Ward's Penis category, which is all too often overlooked by the the kids today.


my word verification for this post was 'dcfop' - how apt.

Rachelle said...

That was a great, great scene.

DC Fop! Ha! Mine is drykjnk...not as good.

rachelle said...

*sigh* I was signed in under the wrong account.

Johnathan said...

Uh... in that posts on this blog are often about DC characters acting like fops, and *not* in that I am a fop who enjoys DC comics.

Just keeping everything clear here.

Mikey said...

Ted Kennedy was Robin? Who knew? ?

rachelle said...

Yup, and Pierre Trudeau was Batman.

Lookin' good, boys!

Jon Hex said...

You're the Canadian rocker!

Ben said...

Not much debate here yet, soooo . . . anything animated is better than anything live-action, and '66 and "and Robin" are the funniest, but only one intentionally, and I want the guy who played young Adam West to play Batman somewhere else, like on a fun TV show for fun. Remember those? I miss those.

rachelle said...

Thanks Ben.

The dude who played young Burt Ward, Jason Marsden, does a crapload of cartoon voice work. He's on a lot of DC shows. He's Snapper Carr on Justice League.

And that's the second time today I have mentioned Snapper Carr to you.

BradyDale said...

I pretty much agree. Though, I do think the first Burton Batman is better than the second, but they both rocked. But, yes, Burton did not really get Batman, in that there isn't a lot of Batman-As-Smart in either one. Though he does work out the crazy combinations of beauty products that kill you in the first one, which is pretty cool.

My big gripe with Batman Begins, though, is that it's another freaking origin movie. Did we really need a Batman origin movie? Isn't he sort of like Jesus? You know... Mel Gibson felt like he could skip all the early stuff for the Passion and I think we can now skip it for the two most recognizable comic book characters in the world: Batman and Superman.
Oh well. Who's pumped for a straight up Batman story in the next movie? BradyDale is pumped.

Why the studios let that Schmuck-who-will-not-be-named direct the rest of the first Batman franchise is beyond me. Why I own all of them is even more inexplicable.

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