Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Secret of 52 Is That The Multiverse Still Exists

Just when I was finally confident in my knowledge and understanding of the current DC universe, they decide they gotta go and multiply it by 52. I can just see all of the DC big shots sitting around the table.

"What about fifteen universes?"
"Fifteen, Dan!"
"Not fifteen? Then what about...fifty-two?!"

(I'm sorry, but you have to be Canadian to get that reference).

After cracking Dan Didio's cryptic message (and awesome, by the way, putting a coded message in a comic that I actually had to break out a pen and notepad for. Old timey fun!), I decided it was time to re-read Crisis on Infinite Earths. I have two things to say about this book:

1. The artwork is totally awesome, and
2. I am really glad that all of the characters were just as confused as I was.

And also, I love this cover:

Because I love this:

Everyone in that panel is wearing an expression of sheer terror except Batman. He's all "Did I remember to rewind Teen Wolf before returning it?"

I just want to announce that I'm ready for the multiverse. Bring it on, I say! Just 52? How about 5,200?! What are you, scared, DC? I think the world is ready for no less than 75,000 new characters. And at least one Earth where Superman, Batman, Predator and Alien all just get along.


grendel25 said...

Great line about Batman's expression!

Ted said...

Uncle Sam looks just a wee bit more depressed than the rest of them. I think that's Alex Ross's fault.

Thomas L. Strickland said...

Alex Ross!?! Oh, Ted ... Alex Ross was but a wee lad in 1985, drawing little sketches in the margins of his history books. These sketches were disturbingly accurate and lifelike, but that's beside the point.

Matthew E said...

We'll blame it on him anyway.

I might as well predict this here as somewhere else: if the multiverse is back, they're not going to restrict it to 52 Earths. Just because they're doing silly things with the number 52 these days doesn't mean they're going to use it for this too. I think it's going to have a different meaning, perhaps several different meanings. (I originally figured it'd have something to do with the Royal Flush Gang, but I guess not.)

The Mighty Robolizard said...

That's great though! It'll probably also mean the return of Elseworlds!

...But did they actually choose the number 52 due to the amounts of weeks in a year? Like the series? Whaaa?

Loren said...

Rachelle -- You totally owe me a new computer because, after reading Batman's TRUE thoughts in that cover, I spit out my drink unto my keyboard! Thanks so much for the laugh! That was priceless...

rachelle said...

An excellent point was raised here. I have no idea if there are going to be 52 universes. I'm just running with the whole "52 is a clue!" craziness. Maybe it just means there are going to be two Earths (cause, y'know...5=earth, and 2=2; 52=Earth 2).

Remember that show Earth 2? With Tim Curry? That was awesome.

ZC said...

Honestly, if the # of earths is not 52, I will feel severely let down.

I get a big kick outta the whole 52 thing, especially when it gets as completely absurd as 52 Earths!!!. It reeks of Grant Morrison giddy drug-born ideas.

Like Red Inferno. Will we ever hear of that again? I dunno, but it was damn cool.

Jon Hex said...

I hope to the Spectre's God that they are not limiting the multiverse to only 52, like that's supposed to make some kind of sense. Wasn't Alex Luthor destroying every universe he made? And really, with Elseworlds and the Kingdom crossover, wasn't the multiverse already here?

Caleb said...

Congratulations yo, you made me laugh out loud with your comment about Batman.

Matthew E said...

Now if (if) there do turn out to be exactly 52 Earths, then we have some interesting choices for how to label them. We could stick with the boring numbers. Or we could take advantage of the 52-cards-in-a-deck thing and call them, like, Earth 3(heart) or something. (Qward can be Earth-joker.)

Or we could name them after letters, distinguishing between upper and lower case.

Numbers are stale.

Anonymous said...

This is the lamest tie-in ever. Well, no, that would be the time when as a young fanboy I turned down the supermarket dairy aisle, and was disturbed to find "Kraft and Willow" overhead banners. And wow thanks to Google I can prove that wasn't a hallucination caused by the nextdoor furniture refinishers.

But anyway, back to 07: First they rip the titling idea of "24" for the rather less-urgent "52," and then that's the number of universes in the multiverse? They should hire a physics professor (maybe the guy who wrote "The Physics of Superheroes") to spend ten minutes sketching a more intelligent basis for reality on a cocktail napkin with a cigarette butt.

Viagra said...

52 universes.. I've never been a fan of this multiverse thing. It some times is confusing to get a hold of the regular story lines to add 52... my head will blow