Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ugly Ads

Oh man there are a couple of ads that are frequently appearing in comics these days that bother the shit out of me. I'm sure you'll all agree.

1. The Wii Ad.

This ad bothers me so much it makes me not even want to play with a Wii. The comic format for ads is annoying, but this one is especially grating because it fools me every time. I always read the first panel before I'm like ...wait a minute, I know this kid...It's that damn Wii kid! Aw man! Usually comic ads don't blend quite so well with the actual comics.

If the comic ad doesn't feature members of the Justice League or the Archies preaching the greatness of Hostess snack cakes, I don't want to see it.

2. The Family Guy video game ad.

It's big, it's loud, it's annoying. It tries too hard to be funny but fails anyway. It's...JUST LIKE THE SHOW! And it's often right on the inside front cover, serving as a jarring contrast to the often spectacular first page of a story. I think the best example is from The Authority #1:

Arrrgh!! Gross! I hate you, Family Guy! I hate you so much!

3. That HeroQuest ad, which I am not going to scan for the very same reason that makes me hate it: It's freaking gigantic. Pages and pages of boring, nerdy nonsense that tricks me into believing that the comic I am picking up is going to be extra-long and packed with awesomeness Nope. It's packed with HeroQuest.

Go to hell, ugly ads. Stop uglying up my comic books.


Jeff said...

That Wii ad makes me want to put mine back in the box and hide it. Huge off-road air indeed.

Prediction: Within five years, all Marvel comics will be 44 pages, 22 of story and 22 of ads. Some story pages will have ads on them. And the books will double in cost.

The Mutt said...

The absolute worst is that "Tobacco is Whacko if You're a Teen" PSA. Jeez, it makes my eyes hurt. And does anyone know a teen who uses the word Whacko? Or Teen?

rachelle said...

Those tobacco ads doubly suck because they are paid for by the tobacco industry as part of their obligatory public service. And they are really ugly.

Shelly said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one who keeps getting fooled by that Wii add. Grrrrr....

Johnathan said...

I know! I had a moment where I thought that the art had gotten really bad, right in the middle of The Spirit.

Double grr.

Anonymous said...

There was a time back in the 70s, when the ads in DC comics did not back up story pages, so you could unfold the staples and remove all the ad pages, and have an ad free comic. My friend and I did just that with all our favorite titles ( which were mainly horror titles back then). If you ever come across a bronze age DC book with the ads removed, that was us.


Anonymous said...

people who hate the family guy make me very nervous. like dick cheney does, or those people who tell you weed is bad but never smoked it, or the burger 'king'.

Anonymous said...

"Arrrgh!! Gross! I hate you, Family Guy! I hate you so much!"
And I hate you and your stupid blog. Go kill yourself, would you?

Viagra said...

Couldn't agree more with you, the ads in the comic books are just dreadful. sometimes i want to tear those pages apart. It takes out all the good in the comic