Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Stolen Minks Video!

Ben Jeddrie, talented animator, artist and writer about town, made my band an amazing new video! It just went up on YouTube last night. For whatever reason, YouTube isn't letting me post video directly to by blog today, so here's the link:

Totally Amazing Video!

Man, I love it so much.

There won't be a Super Hunk Rating post this week because I am driving up to Moncton to see the White Stripes today. Just watch the video over and over again in my absence.


Roberto said...

is "batman (you're the sex)" on video?

Caleb said...

Wow. That's perfect. Same animator as the last one?

Johnathan said...

I know so I'll answer: It sure was!
He has a nice beard, too.

Man, I've been waiting for that for a while.

My hopes were not dashed. Rather, they were exceeded.

Keep getting Ben to do your videos!

Johnathan said...

I want a gun that shoots mallets.

Siskoid said...

You had me at robots.

Man that kicked ass! But be kind to your instruments...

april said...

man, that was awesome. i think i really want to join your band.