Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Top 10 DCU Characters


I wrote a list of my top 10 DCU characters of all time for MONDOmagazine. You can check it out here:

Speaking of my favourite characters...
DC is releasing Showcase Presents Booster Gold in February! The perfect Valentine's Day Gift!!!


april said...

yes! my two favorites are at the top! you speak the truth, lady.

HotAndCold said...

Actually, the Booster Gold showcase comes out in March (collections get advanced-solicited), but, hey, Booster Gold #0 comes out on the 13th, so you can still get a little bit of Booster in with your chocolate.

rachelle said...

april - I'm glad you would place Catwoman in your top two as well. She rocks.

hotandcold: you like Booster Gold AND knitting?! We should be friends.

Johnathan said...

Aw. I guessed Superman-Prime for number 1.

This would be funnier if I actually knew your opinion of Supes-Prime.

okc72 said...

Thanks for the list, Rachelle! It was great having you onboard!

And if anyone is interested, we have some more Top 10 lists from our staff writers:




Plus a list by Canadian artist and Darwyn Cooke colaborator J. Bone!

SallyP said...

All wonderful choices...well except for Batman, but that's just me.

Gosh, but I miss Ted.

Chance said...

Great list! Where'd the cool picture of Batman standing on the spire come from?

okc72 said...

The pic is a Tim Sale. I can't remember what it's from.