Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quick Review: X-Men First Class #11

I want to say two things about this issue:

1. It was totally awesome and everyone should read it.

2. Two of the Continuiteens, who are comic shop employees, look exactly like my comic shop co-workers/pals, Dave and Tiina. Check it:

So we can't decide if the creative team of X-Men First Class are watching us at all times, or if Dave and Tiina just look exactly like comic shop employee stereotypes. Either way, we all felt uncomfortable at the shop yesterday.

I had totally planned a triumphant return to reviewing weekly comics this week, but frankly the complete and utter confusion I felt after reading the last issue of Countdown and the last issue of The Death of the New Gods left me exhausted. It took me three tries to get through the New Gods because I kept getting sleepy and bored.

But there were very good comics this week. I highly recommend, besides X-Men First Class, The Hulk vs Hercules one-shot dealie, Wolverine First Class, The Spirit, and Birds of Prey. Sadly, it's the last McKeever issue of Birds of Prey, but Tony Bedard will also be good.

I've been cranky about comics lately because they are canceling some of my favourites (Catwoman, The All-New Atom) but will no doubt be putting out endless Final Crisis tie-ins or Countdown aftermath whatnots that are total nonsense and completely boring. I'm sure a lot of it will be great, but there will definitely be a lot of stuff that does not hold a candle to even the least good issues of Catwoman or The Atom. Blah. When I am able to get my thoughts together I'm sure I will have a whole long post about all the reasons why it sucks that Catwoman is canceled.


SallyP said...

Tony Bedard did a couple of fill-in issues of Bop after Gail left and before McKeever and they weren't bad at all, so the book should be in good hands.

Although I'm sorry about Catwoman, I can't get too upset about the All-New Atom. I loved it while Gail was writing it, and religiously sought out all the back issues that I had missed. Then she left and the next two issues just fell with a huge Ka-THUNK.

But yes, Countdown and Death of the New Gods were pretty strange.

Ben said...

Dave is stunned to be in that comic!

faith said...

That resemblance is UNCANNY! I am shocked and amazed. Also: does Tina ever *not* look adorable? I am envious of her adorable-looking skills. Perhaps they are her secret Mutant power...

Tim said...



Anonymous said...

They're canceling Catwoman?? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Shit! Dammit. I love that book... how soon is it ending? not after this tepid villain crossover hoo-ha? Please tell me there will be more than that. Ugh.

hasan said...

Yeah countdown sucked soooooooooo hard. I haven't bought an issue since week 12, i read the last two and wow, what crap. DC shouldn't even bother making a trade.

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Indeed it is a great episode, and hahah funny because they sure look like the characters.