Saturday, December 06, 2008

I probably wouldn't wear a short skirt if those were my legs.



If you have veins in your legs that look like that, you have a problem that no cream can cure.

Also, that lady with "dark circles" has clearly been beaten.

I'm depressed.


Dylan said...

Are you depressed because the woman was beaten, or some other reason?

You sure find some classic stuff.

rachelle said...

Haha...because the woman was beaten. I'm fine.

Ian B said...

I like the fact that it comes from a simpler time when human beings only came in three shades- light, medium and dark.

Dylan said...

Wow, I just read this a second time, and "Kover-all"? that's what it's called?

Is it from the Mortal Kombat universe? lol

rachelle said...

It's a SCIENTIFIC formula!

Tiina said...

Holy shit, those legs!

That'd make a pretty good Hallowe'en costume: "I'm a woman before Kover-all was invented. Remember how terrifying the world was back then?"

Captain Nice Guy said...

Are you sure she doesn't have the techo-organic virus?