Friday, December 28, 2007

Living Between Mondays

Alright, Christmas break is over. Time to get back to bloggin'.

Now, the bad news is that the new comics this week, due to a shipping error, won't be reaching Eastern Canada until...MONDAY!!!

Yes, it's true. No new Green Lantern, Batman, Captain America, Brave and the Bold OR Daredevil until MONDAY!

Fortunately, I got a bunch of comics to read for Christmas, including the Frank Miller/Klaus Janson Daredevil Omnibus, so I'm all set.

But mostly I have been reading Showcase Presents The Legion of Superheroes, which I also received for xmas. Man, what a bunch of jerks those kids are, eh? And Superboy is no better. Not even an apology to Mon-El for nearly killing him and then banishing him to the Phantom Zone? Really?

The other bright side to the comics being late is that it gives me time to work on my Best of 2007 post, which will probably take awhile.

And I've got some super hunks to rate.

Sooo...what did you guys get for Christmas?


Owen Craig said...

Sounds like you had a good Christmas! My big gift is that my lady (Anya, who works at the Silver Snail with Sean) got me a Wii. And then my brother and sister got me Mario Galaxy. Seriously, bet Christmas gift ever.

Jon said...

The only comics-related thing I got was Hellblazer: Stations Of The Cross trade. Mike Carey Hellblazer rules.
Oh, and Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command on PSP, which is great fun. My local wargame club folded a couple of years ago, I haven't played a game since :(

SallyP said...

Man, I thought that waiting until Friday was bad. On the other hand, there are some VERE good books awaiting you.

And yes, the Legion are a bunch of wankers.

rachelle said...

Ooooo...I wish I had a Wii. I got my boyfriend Guitar Hero III, so we've been playing that like crazy. I suck at it.

I got a bunch of comic stuff...I got that MF Grimm comic, Sentences. And Showcase Presents Martian Manhunter and Metamorpho (those are separate books, sadly). And the Batman New Frontier action figure. And the first Nexus Archive. And the Saga of the Super Sons trade. It was a good Christmas.

nac said...

hey, could I ask for a late Christmas present? I saw you were rating some more super-hunks, and I'm still a little upset that Booster still holds the bottom spot. Yeah, I know he got his rating before his more recent appearances showed off a different side of him (the side that's not a narcissistic glory-hound).

now i think that retro-active regrading is bullshit, but... maybe it wouldn't be too awful if you threw in a little softer competition. Maybe some one who's a little more of a jerk (paladin) or someone who's a lot less pretty (maybe, i dunno, Fred Dukes) or someone who's just a little psycho (Rorschach (bonus on this one, you get some cred with the wish-they-were-indie crowd(sorry bout the excessive parenthesis use))). Anyways, could you pretty please just try to give Booster a chance to get outta the bottom spot? It would really make my day if a blogger i've never met in Nova Scotia slightly validated my odd man-crushes on fictional characters.

Andrew Clark said...

I didn't get any comics for Christmas, but I did get a Borders card which I used to pick up 52 volume 4 (speaking of Booster) and what a blast. I'll be rereading my Booster Gold issues with new appreciation.