Sunday, December 16, 2007

This Week's Haul: Sinestro Gets Pwned

No real excuse for being late this week. I was so overwhelmed by having nothing to do that I forgot that I actually had something to do: review comics.

Countdown Arena #2

There's really no reason to pay any attention to this comic, but there's a little thing that's bothering me about this issue that I just have to say something about.

Ok, so the double page spread that shows all the arena fighters and what Earths they are from? Full of mistakes.

Check it:

Ok, this Wonder Woman is from Earth-21, which is the New Frontier Earth. Fine. But below that panel we see that crazy monster thing made of beetles. He is also supposedly from Earth-21.

So my first thought was "that ain't right." Later in the comic we see him again, only now he is suddenly from Earth-26: that first one was a typo. Alright. It happens. I look up Earth-26 in that little guide they published in DC Nation a couple of weeks ago, and it lists Earth-26 as, wait for it...Captain Carrot's Earth.

I dunno...that just seems wrong to me...

And there was also this Firestorm guy, who is from Earth-37:

Earth-37, according to that guide, is the Thrillkiller Earth. That makes no sense. ( we need a Thrillkiller Earth?!). Please correct me if I'm wrong about this. Maybe that guy was in Thrillkiller? I just don't see how.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #3



Connor, you were too beautiful for this world.

Congratulations, Judd Winick. You've ruined Christmas.

Green Lantern #25

Not only was this worth the $4.99 cover price, each page is worth $4.99:

I swear, like every other page looks like that. It's amazing.

I love the rise of the seven lantern corps. That's going to be neat:

Oooo!! I hope the red corps and the green corps fight at Christmas time! It would be so pretty!

I loved Guy trying to fight while being infected with a viral member of the Sinestro Corps:

It was also great when he was injected with the GL Corps virus and the two viruses battled it out inside him. Craziness!

And Hal, Kyle and Sinestro all losing the power in their rings so they just start street fighting? Awesome!

I love that "The both of you." Hardcore.

Green Lantern Corps #19

The members of the Corps who survived the war finally get a little downtime to spend with their families and loved ones. It's nice.

And this page is awesome:

I love those two!

But the issue wasn't all hugs and kisses. It had a rad ending!

I love that "Yes. I believe I have." This is gonna be great!

Tales of the Green Lantern Corps: Ion

All that I really want to say about this issue is that it was pretty good. These things have been kinda hit-or-miss, but this one is definitely worth checking out.

Also, I liked Guy's sexy lady that feeds him marshmallows:

Especially her I Dream of Jeannie pose.

Booster Gold #5

Man, this was so good and so sad.

I figured that, y'know, Booster wouldn't actually stop the Joker from shooting Barbara. But the way he insisted on going back over and over again! Ohmygod. I am just so filled with love for Booster Gold right now.

And if that wasn't sad enough, Rip breaks the news that Ted's death is a fixed moment in time that cannot be undone.

Awwwwwwww. I can't stand it!

Wonder Woman #15

I can't believe how much happened in this one issue! And it was all awesome!

I have been having a hard time selling people on this relaunch (Can we call it a relaunch? I think it's a relaunch). Everyone is all "I was buying this series for awhile, but I didn't like it." And I'm like "But it's awesome now!" And they're all "Yeah...I dunno..."

But it is awesome now. Don't let the fact that it's been mostly kinda bad up to this point prevent you from checking it out now. I guarantee you'll love it.

Personally, I was really into the god that WW found to help her in this issue:

What religion worships him? I'm joining!

Superman Confidential #10

One thing I really like is when comics are both really good, and really smart strategic moves. The New Gods are playing a starring role in the current DCU, so it's not a bad idea to have a comic that introduces new readers to the Fourth World. And the fact that it's also a great read with nice art is just icing.

I love Superman just having no idea who any of these characters are:

I also like Superman's ripped costume.

Superman is totally awesome in this comic. He doesn't know who these New Gods are, but he wants them out of downtown Metropolis:


The Batman Strikes #40

This comic is consistently very funny and entertaining. This month's was written by Matthew K Manning and drawn by Adam Archer. I like this series because it frequently combines a wisecracking Robin with a humourless Batman:

Once you get past the fact that all of the villains in this series, like the cartoon its based on, look very messed up, it's a consistently fun read.

Nexus: The Origin

I've read this comic several times, and it never stops being awesome. This is a re-painted reprint of a 1992 comic which stands the test of time as one of the best single issues of any comic ever written, in my opinion. If you've never read Nexus, then obviously this is a great place to start.

*Sigh* I sentence YOU, Nexus...for stealing my heart.

All done! I'm gonna go watch TV until our power goes out from this storm. Any comments about these, or any other comic releases this week (Howard Porter doing the art on Countdown? Blech) are appreciated below.

PS - I would also highly recommend this week's Marvel Adventures The Hulk. It was great fun. Rick Jones calls Namor's army "Aqua Teen Excessive Force." Also...Spider-Man Family was excellent and featured some beautiful art by David Hahn. I'd kinda like him to draw all Marvel comics. Or at least all Spider-Man.


Andrew Clark said...

Green Lantern was incredible! I need to pick up GLC and the Ion one shot, though. I also need to decide if I'll be staying on Green Lantern Corps post this latest issue. I'm a big Kyle/Guy fan, but I'll read this next issue and see what I think.

Johnathan said...

Huh. Just last month I was thinking how neat it was that Connor hadn't been killed off.

Well, guess I'm disillusioned again.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

At our local comic shop we've decided Conner can't die since in his mini-series he became a super-strong immortal. Now everyone gets to know.

rachelle said...

Ah, yes. That makes sense. Ok, I feel better now.

Johnathan said...

Wait, am I reillusioned again? Do I have to wait a week to find out?

Johnathan said...

Uh, by week I mean month.

danijel said...

I liked that this issue of Booster Gold showed that not even whiny time jumpers can stop the Joker. The Joker is the and will always be.

Jeffrey said...

What's up with the kid in skates in the Guy/ice kiss panel? Does he just follow ice around New York so that he'll be able to skate? Was he walking buy carrying skates when they kissed and quickly put them on for a glide?

He seems to be enjoying their kiss.

Andrew said...

I liked Booster Gold with the exception of one glaring scene which pissed on the rest of the issue for me: Rip torturing Rex. Maybe I'm too sensitive to current American politics, but it took me out of the book and made me want to hurt Geoff Johns. If I skip that, the rest of the book's great.

And then Connor died... That's just wrong, he was, despite his lack of position in the DCU, one of the most unique characters within it. Even his abysmal miniseries didn't ruin the character, so why did they let Judd Winick ruin my Solstice?!

Nic said...

man that bit with the joker from the batman strikes is just the funniest thing ive read in a while.

SallyP said...

And what a delightful week it was! I'm STILL giddy.

Green Arrow/Black Canary just reminds me of the Wedding Special. Lovely, light-hearted art, fun story, and then WHAM! Random Death Cloud! And Conner never even got a chance to finish his champagne!

Curse You Winnick!

Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and Ion were ALL magnificent, although obviously Green Lantern #25 was the MOST magnificent. Fabulous small moments tucked into the huge brawl that was going on. And putting Kyle and Guy back together as partners is a stroke of genius.

Booster Gold was excellent. Not so many yuks this issue, which made it all the more poignant.

Wonder Woman is starting to rock.

Sea_of_Green said...

Poor Conner. You know, though -- much as I hate to admit it, when I first flipped to that page, my first thought was, "Oh, look, Conner's been shot again." :-\ Sorry, Juddy -- the shock value is LONG GONE. If it turns out that Conner really is dead, though, then I might be surprised, but only mildly so: "Oh, look, another dead superhero. Gosh, never saw THAT before."


Whew! I feel better now. :-)

Scott said...

So, that's the very first time Superman met the New Gods? And he can already stand up to Darksied's Omega Beams, with no problems?

I liked it when Superman could MAYBE sneak in a win once out of five against Darksied. Seeing him routinely and effortlessly fight Darksied just looks boring and wrong(and this is from someone who prefers the Elliot Maggin SUPER-Superman from the Bronze Age).

Anonymous said...

Let's not worry, as Green Lantern revealed, even if Connor is dead, he'll be back in 2009! Connor Hawke: Black Lantern... No that doesn't work.

Jon said...

Dammit, now I have to buy an issues of Arena all because of an alternate reality Firestorm. Bummer.

Tamanna said...

In Wally's defence, the second-stringer comment was *before* he actually got a good look at Superman. He didn't know about the K, just thought Livewire'd gotten lucky.

And serious boo about Kryptonite being the Smallville kind. It makes no logical sense! *kicks DC*

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