Friday, February 29, 2008

This Week's Haul: Poor Daredevil

Let's see if I still remember how to review comics.

Daredevil #105

When you are feeling stressed out, there is really no better cure than picking up a Daredevil comic. Because no matter how bad your life is going, Matt Murdock's is much, much worse. And his loved ones are having an even rougher time.

So, this concludes the Without Fear story arc. And does it end happily? Oh my goodness no. Not at all. Daredevil confronts Mr. Fear re: the poisoning of Matt's wife, which has turned her into a murdering lunatic. Mr. Fear is a stone-cold badass:

Haha...good one, Fear.

DD is pretty badass too:

Well, that shut him up.

So anyway, Matt punches Fear around and, having beaten him, believes he's going to get the cure for poor Milla. Nope:

Ohhhhhh shit.

And I love that the preview of the next issue is a picture of Daredevil crying in the rain.

Captain America #35

Let's see if my boy Winter Soldier is faring any better than Daredevil this week.

Yup. *sigh*

Blue Beetle #24

Love it! Love the cover. Love how much ass Jaime kicked in this comic. Love the Death of Ted Kord motif.

Love Traci 13:

This comic rules.

All-Star Batman and Robin #9

Ok, I wasn't going to say anything about this comic, because I am trying to ignore it. But, seriously...

WTF, DC?! Why are you even allowing this?! I don't care who's writing it or how "legendary" they are...this is just wrong.

Batman #674

Well, at least this was some awesome Batman. I like it when Batman just does something really, really cool. Like this:

I liked how this issue ended too. Bruce Wayne is clever.

Teen Titans #56

This issue was really entertaining. I've been pretty underwhelmed by McKeever's Titans run so far, while at the same time being very impressed with his Birds of Prey writing. So of course he's leaving Birds of Prey. When McKeever was announced as the new writer of Titans, I thought it would be perfect, and this is the first issue of his run that had the level of fun I was expecting. The Titans are teenagers! This title should be two things:

a) fun
b) a soap opera

I think we are getting there.

In this issue Kid Devil decides to invite some fans from a Kid Devil message board to Titans Tower for a party...with hilarious results!

I particularly loved this little detail, with Robin bitching Kid Devil out from home:

Very funny.

And, of course, Batman getting prank called:

Saying "Your Mom" to Batman is funny for so many reasons...

New Frontier DVD

And, of course, New Frontier came out on DVD this week. In case you forgot. You should buy at least one copy. You won't be disappointed.

There were lots of other good comics this week too. I actually haven't gotten to Nexus #100 yet. I'm saving it. It's going to be rad.


Kevin T. said...

It's nice to see you blogging again!

Or rather: it pushes my Mr. Fear off a roof to see you blogging again!

Where is Robin in that Teen Titans scan that he has to wear his costume-lite?

SallyP said...

Gosh, Bucky is filling out that Capt. America suit quite nicely.

Blue Beetle was so good, that I STILL haven't stopped gushing. This was my favorite book this week. No, this month. Possibly this year so far. And it's going to be even BETTER next month!

All-Star Batman & Robin on the other hand, just makes me cringe. I know that the urge to make fun of Hal is irresistable, but this was a just mean. And a little sick.

I've been a bit wary of Teen Titans, only really picking it up because of Jaime, but this one did have its moments. The prank call of Batman was indeed priceless.

Rich said...

I've been reading Blue Beetle in TPBs and I'm eager as heck for Vol. 3 to arrive in the mail.

Also.. yay, Bucky!

Malpractice said...

gotta disagree with you on ASB&R, that book is brillant on several different levels.

good to see you back on the weekly comic reviews though.

Adam (Dollar Bin) said...

I was going to leave enlightened comment, but after reading that last ASB&R comment my brain just shut off.

Anonymous said...

it's as if miller is begging for an intervention from DC on that book. he can't seem to stop it himself.

grendel25 said...

Yay! Good to have you back and doing reviews. I was going a little crazy there.

Batmanisgrim said...

This will baffle most of you, but I thought the last few pages of All Star Batman And Robin was solid stuff. Batman finally realized how he was wrong and he rushed things with Robin. It took Robin to almost kill a man for Batman to see that.
Batman desperately wants a second chance and a fresh start to do things the right way. I think those last few pages represent a turning point in the series.
I also liked the scene in which Batman and Robin work together to save Hal Jordan's life.

Hasan said...

Dude you must pick up Action 862. I not a really legion fan, but that book rocked. Great fight scenes and a wonderful portrayal of Superman. A must buy.

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend picking up and giving ECHO, the new Terry Moore title, a go. Great art, intriguing story, and it's Terry Frickin' Moore.

dmstarz said...

Not a DC fan but the Blue Beetle art rocks.

Anonymous said...

DC has hella balls for releasing All Star ASBAR. I think its a masterpiece, and its definetly for those who aren't big nerds for the characters.

I think its a masterpiece. Of course I read it all the way through and could sense the theme- nobody else likes Batman here either. Its Miller's view of how our hero worship is stupid, as we desire to be like sociopaths. At least that's my view. Was this character not Batman, people would call this an analsys of vigilantism. But as it is Batman, most comic book fans just kind of hate it. People new to Batman really dig it though.

Good to read your blog again btw.

Amy said...

I am also one of the few around here enjoying the God Damn Batman. It's not canon, so it doesn't bother me. It's just Frank Miller's crazy ass world.

I'm not a Miller fanatic like some, but DKR is what got me into comics originally, so I enjoy seeing him write the character again.

Skinny Boy said...

I love Batman: Year One (one of my favorite comic book runs) and liked a-lot The Dark Knight (except for the Superman treatment) but any other time Miller touches Batman, it does nothing for me. Hal should have dropped a mountain on his stupid yellow room.

Caesar said...

Couldn't agree more about Daredevil...but COME ON, the way Batman escapes from that chair is absolutely ridiculous. He wiggles his arm out of his sleeve? Which retains the exact same shape once he removes his arm?

That's retarded. First, he's tied by the wrist. It's not his clothing that's holding him back, it's the big leather strap attached to his wrist. Restraints don't work that way. Second, what's his suit made of that it looks the exact same whether he's in it or not?

That is lazy, lazy writing. Morrison couldn't think of a clever way for Batman to escape, so he chose a stupidly impossible way.