Monday, May 26, 2008

Comics Are For Everybody!

Hey y'all. There's a new blog for you to check out. This one is written by my pal/bandmate/comic shop co-worker, Tiina Johns. It's over at the Shameless Magazine site (a Canadian feminist blog/magazine) and it's called Comics Are For Everybody. It aims to introduce people to comic books who may otherwise be intimidated or feel that comics have nothing to offer them. Tiina loves to recommend books to new comic readers, and that's just what she's doing on this blog.


Johnathan said...

Somewhat eerily, I just encountered this blog while randomly trolling around the Internet from work. I'm one step ahead of you, Rachelle, but I don't know how!

SallyP said...

This looks fun and interesting. And getting people to read comics is a VERY worthy cause.

Tiina said...

Aw, thanks Rachie.

Actually I'm going to start it off as a blog where I recommend women-focused comics to new readers, but then I'll slowly change it into a forum for me to talk endlessly about Final Crisis. 'Cause there's not enough of that on the internet.