Saturday, May 10, 2008

Free Comic Book Day With Iron Man!

I've been meaning to post these for days. Here are some pictures from the Strange Adventures Free Comic Book Day 2008 Celebration. It was once again held in the St. David's Church Hall up the street from the shop. There were 20,000 free comic books available to the public. Also...Iron Man was there!

I really can't get enough photos of Iron Man walking around doing stuff.

Here's Iron Man with Darwyn Cooke, who was once again kind enough to spend the day doing free sketches for people:

And here's Iron Man with me:

The man in the iron suit is the guy I'm marrying. He can't take credit for making this awesome costume, though. It's the handiwork of the talented Jay Silver.

Here are some more photos, these ones taken by Spencer Cantley:

Aw, it looks like Iron Man's snaps came undone in that last one.

Needless to say, Iron Man was a huge hit with the kids (and the grown-ups). I'm glad it was a nice day for once.


Jeff said...

OMG - You're marrying Tony Stark!

Even speaking as a straight guy, I'm a bit jealous.

Sarah said...

The hot dog picture is PRICELESS.

Jack Norris said...

Where's his nose?

Adam said...

I am beside myself. First a top rating of Iron Man in you Marvel characters list and now you're marrying him. Well, I guess that IS one sweet suit. Just hide the scotch.

First you get the money. Then you get the Iron Man suit. Then you get the chicks.

Ben said...

How IS he gonna eat that wiener?

SallyP said...

He looks to be handsome, dashing AND brave.

chris said...

*psst* Hilary's a cutie

ALAN said...

totally second that.

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