Friday, May 02, 2008


The day that Iron Man opens is finally upon us. I'm sure most of you, like myself, saw the movie last night at an advance screening. It's AWESOME.

The Invincible Iron Man #172 is also awesome. Check it out:

With a cover that romantic, you know it's going to be good!

It opens with a drunk Tony Stark in a museum, wearing a suit of armour and being crazy:

Oh man I love it!

The cops take him down:

Tony Stark is drunk and sweating mayonnaise. He gets taken into a holding cell, but is quickly released on bail. This is pretty sad:

Oh, Tony.

Fortunately, James Rhodes is doing a great job being Iron Man while Tony is busy drinking it up.
I really appreciate the contrast between those two pages.

Ok, so now Captain America enters the story, and someone is very romantically describing him in the narration:

"The way his muscles flex and lock to give him a purposeful lope." I don't know who's doing the talking there in those narration boxes. I like to think Tony. Or maybe it's just Denny O'Neil who has the crush on Cap.

Anyway, Captain America finds Tony in a seedy motel room:

Oh come on, Cap. Just join him in a drink. It would be a such an entertaining comic. Obviously this is a very cool party that you've just walked in on.

Now it's Cap's turn to get romantic about Tony:

Tony doesn't have any answers, which makes Cap more angry. Get ready for a very special episode of Iron Man:

Oh come on, Cap. Your dad was an alcoholic? It was the thirties! Everyone was an alcoholic.

During all of this, Firebrand has decided to make a comeback. He wants to burn down the very motel that Tony is staying in. Since Tony isn't going to save himself, Cap has to do everything:

Rhodes is also there to help out (and say funny things):

When the flames are out and the people are saved, Cap and Rhodes go to get their pal Tony. Only Tony, even totally hammered Tony, has managed to outfox them:

Lookin' good, Tony!

Oh, and the OTHER thing going down in this comic is that, because Tony hasn't been around, Stark Industries has fallen apart and has now been sold to...


No, wait. Obadiah Stane I mean. Yeah.

This comic is great. And so is the movie. It was worth the wait!


Sea_of_Green said...

Wow. It never occured to me before that Tony Stark sweats Mayo. But you're absolutely RIGHT! GAAAH!

And, YES, Happy Iron Man Day! :-)

SallyP said... I'll never be able to eat mayonnaise again without thinking of Tony Stark.

But wouldn't it have been fabulous if Stark Industries HAD been bought by Lex? I smell a crossover!

caleb said...

Look no further John Favreau, you found the basis for your sequel.

p.s. my word verification was "smsek," which is the same sound Captain America's lips make when giving Tony a goodnight kiss on his forehead after tucking him in.

SallyP said...

Thank you Caleb. Now I can't stop snickering.

Owen said...

I can't wait to see Iron Man. I have to wait for Sunday, unfortunately. But it is going to be a great time.

Now if only Cap were in the movie...

cardboardjudas said...

Hey! one of my first two comics!

Bout time someone blogged about it

Anonymous said...

iron man movie was awesome!

patrick said...

Iron Man was practically flawless as a super hero flick; it drops pretty obvious hints that would indicate a sequel as well... i'm thinking the next one should be equally great

jason quinones said...

thanks for the trip down memory lane rachel. i'm pretty sure i had this comic as a kid! if not then definitely my cousin had it cuz i remember it vividly! especially that cover!

Allan said...

This is the only Iron Man comic I read during my childhood, which probably explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

i am sooooooooo totally in love with Tony Stark now that i have seen the movie! its sad and scarey; i would avoid Ironman, pretending i didn't read them and just bought them to sell later... but this, this is just WRONG...

save me!!!

(and heh, *MY* validation word is "fuukx"