Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bruce Doubtfire

I should really save this one for my actual birthday tomorrow because I love it so much, but I can't wait.

So Batman needs to lure Catwoman into a trap. And the only way he can think to do this is to disguise himself as a wealthy, diamond-covered Southern belle.

I think he was just looking for an excuse. Like, he probably could have just strolled into the hotel as Bruce Wayne with a Rolex, but whatever.

Let's see Bruce in action:

I don't know what I love more, how he looks or how he's talking.

"Howdy, y'all!"

I can't stand it. He/she totally looks like a dude, too. Look at that jawbone!

And the best part is yet to come...

First of all, I like that Bruce is keeping the act up with Alfred while they are alone in their hotel room. Secondly I can't get enough of that panel of Bruce sans wig, but still wearing make-up and jewels. Isn't he pretty? Thirdly, I can only assume that he was wearing the Batman costume, minus the mask, under the dress. Or else Bruce just took a long break in the middle of that train of thought to change his clothes between the second and third panel.


All panels from Batman #266.


klew said...

Sweet, it's my birthday tomorrow as well!

Ashley said...

I've been lurking around here for months but this is SO MINDBLOWINGLY AWESOME I can't help but comment.

'Shut mah mouth, Alfie, honey!'

*dies and dies and dies again*


You've made my month posting this - thank you. And Happy Birthday!

Scott said...

Man, you'd think he would be happier that Wonder Woman killed Max Lord. I wouldn't want super-intensive satellite records of that photo on all the Watchtower monitors.

Baal said...

Happy Birthday!

Matt Bird said...

Yeah! I was a Marvel Zombie from age 4 to age 10, only buying DC when I had NO other option. Ironically, I often loved the DC books I reluctantly picked up. One of the best was my introduction to Batman: a DC digest featuring five stories about his five biggest villains. This story was there, and has forever defined Catwoman for me, much as the whole collection has forever defined Batman. Happy memories for me.

And happy birthday to you.

rachelle said...

One of the best was my introduction to Batman: a DC digest featuring five stories about his five biggest villains.

Yup. That's exactly where I saw it too. It's a great digest. I wish DC would release more of those.

rachelle said...

Happy birthday klew!!!

SallyP said...

Gosh, ALL superheroes should have tiaras. It seems to work for Wonder Woman, and apparently for Bruce as well!

He's...he's really INTO this dressing up thing isn't he?

Captain Infinity said...

I find it very odd that this is the one time he doesn't wear a fancy latex mask, but prefers to doll himself up with lipstick and rouge instead.

Gyuss Baaltar said... dissappointed that the wig wasn't hiding his pointy ears.

Jon Hex said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it was awesome!