Monday, September 03, 2007

Hear Me Talk!

Ok, so I totally failed to post anything on my actual birthday. It actually turned out to be a busy day, what with the First Annual Rachelle's Birthday Soccer-Baseball Match, the booze, chapters 13-22 of Trapped in the Closet, and the karaoke. In all the excitement I forgot to post.

But now I have a reason to!

This week The Dollar Bin's weekly podcasts feature...ME! If you want to hear my squawky boyish voice, then please click on this link.

Stay tuned for more me on their Wednesday show when we talk about super hunks. I appreciate that three guys were patient enough to discuss hunky superheroes with me. Thanks, guys!

So now I am 27 years old. 27, I have always thought, is a very cool number. An aesthetically pleasing number. Perhaps because it belonged to aesthetically pleasing NHL defenseman, Mathieu Schneider:

Hey, baby.

Alright, I need to tuck into some Harry Potter and go to bed. I'll leave you with a Superman panel that caught him during his new age phase:


Adam said...

I too love the number 27. I figure this is my year. My favorite number is 27, I've turned 27, and if you remove the two "0"s from the year it makes a 27! How can I lose?

Baal said...

At Wal*Mart cashiers are told to card anyone who looks to beunder twenty-seven.

Baal said...

OMG! You sound so cool in that interview. If you were a man, I'd marry you!

Ragnell said...

Happy Day-After-the-Birthday!

Johnathan said...

Best game of Soccer-Baseball ever, even if the Pants got kicked.

Calum Johnston said...

Schneider has some of the scariest eyebrows in the NHL!

SallyP said...

That's right Lois, LISTEN to him! Your ability to love will return! Just listen to his little harp...oh and be a good girl, and drink this potion.

Happy Birthday!

Caleb said...

Wow, just looking at that panel restored my power to love!

Oh, and happy birthday.

Reno Dakota said...

You may have already seen this, but:

Happy birthday, Rachelle!