Thursday, August 07, 2008

Random Updates


I have been watching so much Buffy lately. I believe I have mentioned this before, but I had never watched the show before. Now I have just finished season six (the downer season). This means that I FINALLY got to see the musical episode, which I always refused to watch until I had watched the rest of the series leading up to it. I felt that I had to earn it.

Anyway, it was amazing, of course.

This show is so addictive. I am not exaggerating when I say this: lately I spend more hours a day watching Buffy than I do paying attention to the events in my own real life. I am starting to forget where one ends and one begins. Which is weird.

I always thought those girls who were all into Spike when the show was on, and bought Spike calendars and such, were total losers. Like, he's clearly unattractive and whatnot. But now I am totally so into Spike. So I really liked season six.

And Angel sucks. Suuuuuucks. Although I am enjoying his show more than I was led to believe.


I have my final exams for the summer (that sounds so wrong) next week and then I have two weeks of freedom. I have been thinking about different ways to spend these upcoming two weeks, and I have decided to do absolutely nothing. I may never get that chance again! So, I'm not going anywhere. I'm just going to hang out at home and maybe try to finally clean and organize this apartment. I have already gotten all the action figures in one place. I got lots of nice decorative items for my wedding and they just don't really go with Cheat Commandos figures.


Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane is back! I had some serious doubts about this, mostly because Terry Moore was taking over. Not that I think Terry Moore sucks at writing (I'm not a Strangers in Paradise fan, but that's more because of the genre than the writing), I just didn't think he was the man for this job. Especially because, prior to taking the gig, he had never read the comic before.

I also feel that, while this is definitely a different kind of Marvel comic, in that it is set in high school and centres on a teen girl and her love life, it's still a Marvel super hero book. One of my favourite things about it is that we see, in almost every issue, a different Marvel character. We see Spider-Man fighting various villains, and new heroes and members of the Spider-Man family get introduced into the cast all the time. It's a great way to let young readers, and in particular, young female readers, learn about the Marvel Universe. So I sincerely hope that Terry Moore will continue that.

I read the first issue, which came out yesterday, of the new series. I was worried that it was going to be a re-launch, but it did actually continue where Sean McKeever left off. And it was pretty good. I think it captured the spirit of the original series.

But, man, what I wouldn't give to have McKeever back over at Marvel doing what he does best: writing all-ages Marvel comics. I feel like he's being wasted a bit over at DC.

I hate exclusive contracts.


Mory said...

I'm surprised you weren't more disappointed that SMLMJ isn't any better than decent. I think it's maybe better to leave it as it was than to start messing around with characters' hair colors and personalities here. I mean, Mary Jane here doesn't seem like Mary Jane. There's none of the whole show of self-confidence that's defined her the whole time, her dream seems too artificial to really be her dream, she has inner thoughts that don't really say "Mary Jane" so much as "generic high school girl". I say Marvel should have either waited for McKeever to come back, or given it to Tom Beland. But not this.

rachelle said...

Yeah...I guess my expectations were so low for this issue that anything seemed ok. I don't think it was terrible, but I do really miss McKeever. And I wish David Hahn was doing the art. I thought he was doing a great job on the last few issues of McKeever's run.

Another problem was that Peter Parker was barely in the issue, and it wasn't really established well that they are dating now. Which is, like, a REALLY big deal for those of us who have been reading the series since the beginning.

Owen said...

The first time I watched Angel I was not into it at all (for the first couple of seasons). But it grew on me, to the point that when I finished it I realized that I like it even more than Buffy. I'm rewatching Angel again and noticing that (now that it's not in Buffy's shadow and I'm watching it independently) the first few seasons aren't as bad as I remember.

Also, I highly recommend not watching the shows together. It's way more fun to watch all of Buffy then all of Angel.

Scott said...

I netflixed my way through all of Buffy, and it's almost time after my Whedon-break to start watching Angel. Though I won't get to see the subtl crossovers that you could notice when they aired back to back on the same night, I'm hoping Angel will be as good as I remember.

HardtravelingHero said...

Is Cheat Commandos some Canadian thing?

Anonymous said...

I've got got the 1st hardcover of SMLMJ and the next 2 digests, so I guess that puts me up through #15.

Now I'm depressed to finish the original run in case the Terry Moore run is poop on toast...y'know like Peter David when he took over SHe-Hulk.

laura said...

On Buffy: I can relate to that "not knowing which is your life and which is BtVS" thing. When I first saw the series a few years ago, I was instanty hooked. For a few months I watched (or did) virtually nothing else. I've loved many other series, comics and whatnot, but here finally was a role model *meant* for me. While I love, say, Batman, and identify with him, it's really liberating to root for a woman hero.

Hell, Buffy's life my life. Well, minus all the vampires, sexy studs and having Slayer powers, sure. But essentially, coming to terms with your own power.

rachelle said...

Laura: I have to say, as far as female empowerment goes, BtVS does a far better job giving us a role model (actually, role models) than comics ever have. I feel kind of inspired now that I've finished watching.