Friday, September 05, 2008

This Week's Haul: New Format

Here are some comics you shouldn't miss this week:

Jonah Hex #35

Why?: Because JH Williams III does the art. And that's all the reason you need. But if you need more, then how about the fact that Palmiotti and Gray come up with a story that takes full advantage of the artist's incredible talent.

Plus...a couple drugs Jonah Hex and attempts to rape him. Yeah, that's what I said.

Green Lantern #34

Why?: Because it's the penultimate issue of Geoff Johns' awesome Secret Origins story, and Hal and Sinestro are pretty entertaining in it. And because Hal tells Sinestro "#$%& you," which Sinestro's ring is unable to translate.

And Ivan Reis continues to throw down fantastic art.

Secret Six #1

Why?: Because it's back! And it's an ongoing! And it's Gail Simone with Nicola Scott (and Cliff Chiang covers, at least for the first couple of issues)! And Catman and Deadshot go shopping for ice cream for Scandal's birthday. And because Deadshot is hilarious.

Manhunter #34

Why?: Because this series is great and if you don't buy it they will take it away again.

Amazing Spider-Man #570

Why?: Venom vs Venom...and it doesn't even suck! Plus Romita Jr's been rocking the art.


Showcase Presents Superman Volume 4

Why?: Because the cover is worth $16.99 alone. Look at it! I could look at that all day.

And besides that, it's 500 pages and every single panel will blow your mind.

How's this for a new format? I want to do weekly comic reviews, but I don't have time for all the scanning that I used to do. I also don't have the webspace for it anymore.


Michael Rawdon said...

I mostly get cover images for my weekly reviews from sites like - sometimes one's missing, but most of the DC/Marvel comics are up within a day or so of release.

I ended up passing on the continuation of Manhunter because I don't care for Michael Gaydos' artwork.

Jeff said...

Can I tell you something that will make you hate me? I haven't read the current Jonah Hex series. But I'm going to check this one out for the JH Williams art.

rachelle said...

I don't hate you Jeff. But I will tell you what I tell everyone: read Jonah Hex.

Chris Ayers said...

Secret Six was very cool...hope it doesn't get lost in the crossover shuffle.
Also, the Superman Showcases are a no brainer...Silver Age fun with no disembowelments (I'm looking at you, McKeever's Teen Titans...shame, shame, shame.)

SallyP said...

Jonah Hex was usual. Everyone should read it. Secret Six and Green Lantern were sensational as well.

I'd like to exclaim over how fabulous Manhunter was, but my store didn't get it in this week.


Talkin Bout Comics said...

The format is good. Nothing wrong with getting right to the point. I have been lamenting exactly how much I want to say when I do 'reviews' as well, and up to this point I haven't been putting pictures in at all. I should probably start doing that at least to some degree.

I enjoyed Secret Six as well. I need to check out Jonah Hex. I wasn't always in love with the modern JH stuff that had come out, but if it's good I want to read it.

Is there a good jumping on point for this series? Where should I try to start in your opinion?

Jeff said...

Okay, so I really liked Jonah Hex. Buying the next issue.

Derek said...

Also a great comic is El Diablo...
Had a great fun reading it.