Saturday, September 06, 2008

Vote for Me!

Hi guys!

I'm not, y'know, trying to pressure you or anything...but if you like my blog and you feel like doing this you could vote for me in the category of Best Local Blog in The Coast's Best of Halifax survey. Particularly if you live in the Halifax area, or are familiar enough with Halifax to fill out at least ten categories.

And even if you aren't...I have some suggestions:

Best Local Website: could also be Living Between Wednesdays!
Best Salesperson: Dave Howlett at Strange Adventures. He has seriously earned it and anyone who shops there knows it.
Best Author: Darwyn Cooke or Faith Erin Hicks
Best Comic Artist: Darwyn Cooke, Steve McNiven, Faith Erin Hicks, or Mike Holmes
Best Halifamous person: Darwyn Cooke
Best Visual Artist: Paul Hammond and Seth Smith of Yo!Rodeo
Best Comedian: Picnicface
Best Comic Store: Strange Adventures!
Best Independent Book Seller: Strange Adventures
Best Local Film: 6015 Willow

There! Those are ten official endorsements by me.

Vote here!


Anonymous said...

Hello.... best Realtor Marsha???

rachelle said...

For the record, I did vote Marsha Stagg for best realtor. And so should everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

I voted for Rachelle as Best Rachelle!!!! I'll get you one of those fancy Darwyn Cooke books when we're in this week

rachelle said...

YAY! and YAY!