Saturday, November 01, 2008

O Captain My Captain

Check me out! I'm cold chillin'!

And now I'm off to kill the Flash party!

More pics tomorrow!


Chris Sims said...


Dr. K said...

Holy crap! That is an awesome costume!

Benito said...

From my vast understanding of indigenous Canadian culture, I do not believe that that costume would make you stand out from the day-to-day apparel of your people.

Gino Collins said...


chrishaley said...

That is straight up ballin'.
If I hadn't seen the best Luke Cage : Power Man costume ever last night you would be the official "Wins at Halloween" winner.

Julius Brown said...

Oh, wow! Great Costume! Sure, you'll get lucky this holiday with that outfit!

Karen Shih said...

Oh my!!
This is awesomely AWESOME!
You made the costume yourself..?
How did you do it!
I might dress up as Cold too next
year if I figure out how to make it...

thefrenchdude said...

Three words : A-WE-SOME!!

Bully said...


rachelle said...

How to make a Captain Cold Costume:

1. Acquire a powder blue sweatsuit (with hood)
2. Have Mom sew fake fur to hood
3. Buy long white gloves with attached fur (come with most cheap bunny costume kits)
4. Buy $4 yellow belt from Zellers
5. Assemble holster out of cardboard, yellow felt, and staples
6. Buy white felt Xmas tree skirt from dollar store. Hang around neck and cut into icicle shapes.
7. Spraypaint rubber boots white and attach fake fur with packing tape
8. Buy "freeze gun" from dollar store
9. Attach powder blue fun foam to cheap sunglasses and trim into Captain Cold Glasses shape (prepare for poor visibility)


SallyP said...

Absolutely Fabulous!

K. D. Bryan said...

Wow! Nice work. You're chillin' like a vi-


Too obvious.

I'm sorry.

Zak said...

Looking gooooooood

viagra online said...

hahaha what an incredible vintage costume I love it so much where did you get it?