Monday, November 24, 2008

This Week's Haul: So very sick

Welcome to Living Between Wednesdays...where we like our coffee black and our comic reviews late.

I have been awful sick lately, but fortunately there were a lot of good comics to read. I have been very slowly writing these mini-reviews over the past few days, taking frequent nap breaks.

Super Friends #9

J.Bone not only did the cover for this issue, he did the interiors! Yay!

It's Superman's birthday and everything is adorable, from Lex Luthor being cranky about not being invited to the party, to Batman explaining pinatas to the readers.

Amazing Spider-Man #578

Mark Waid teams up with Marcos Martin to bring us one of the most delightful comics I have ever read. This was seriously great stuff, the latest in a long series of great Spider-Man comics.

Terra #2

If you like hot naked ladies, then you will probably enjoy this. And even if you are more into well-written, nicely-drawn ladies, like I am, then you will also enjoy this.

Uncanny X-Men #504

And speaking of hot ladies, Terry and Rachel Dodson provide the art for this month's issue of Uncanny, and that made me very happy. Especially since this issue gives us a tour of Cyclops' horny psychosis, which is full of beautiful women made even more beautiful by Team Dodson's art.

I'm glad I am reading X-Men comics again. It makes me feel like I'm 15.

Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom #2

I just wanted to remind everyone that this series is great and the art is beautiful. Look at that cover! She's tying her hair up! Just like girls do when they are exercising!

Supergirl #35

I am loving this New Krypton cross-over story so far. Not only because there are so many talented people working on it, but because it is non-stop and has been coming out on time. Every week we get a new piece of the story via Superman, Action Comics, Supergirl, or a number of fantastic one-shot specials. It's fluid, it's interesting, and it's fun. And Sterling Gates is doing a great job writing Supergirl.

The Age of the Sentry #3

I can't even tell you how much I am loving this series. And a good thing is made even better this month because there is a very long back-up story drawn by Colleen Coover! And it features Milly the Model!

Seriously, Jeff Parker. You are killing me.

Ghost Rider #29

My love of Jason Aaron's run on Ghost Rider runs deep. This issue gave us what he has been building to since he started: a big ol' battle between Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch! Sweet Ghost Rider on Ghost Rider action!

Ambush Bug #4

It's a good time to be an Ambush Bug fan. Not only has this series been a lot of fun (and badly needed because there is so much DC craziness to make fun of right now), but it looks like we're finally going to get the long-rumoured Showcase Presents Ambush Bug collection in February! Yay!


Michael Rawdon said...

Hmm, I had been reading Action Comics before the New Krypton story started, and decided to drop it after the NK special. Not only was I not really interested in adding more Superman to my diet (and Action Comics has been pretty lukewarm under Geoff Johns - the "Brainiac" story was terrible!), but I just didn't see how adding a few tens of thousands of Kryptonians to Earth was going to result in a fun storyline: Either it would be carnage all around (no fun), or they'd somehow prevent the Kryptonians from actually using their powers to their fullest (which would be lame).

Really, these big crossover events tend to suck all the joy out of superhero comics.

rachelle said...

Aw, we're just gonna have to agree to disagree here because I have loved every issue of Geoff Johns' run...especially the Brainiac story! And I really like the New Krypton arc because it has given new life to characters like Jimmy Olsen and Supergirl.

Johnathan said...

Yeah, I had the same sort of thoughts on the whole New Krypton thing, but my instincts were totally wrong on this one. So far, it's been great. I know that eventually the Kandorians will get gone again, but hopefully not in some terrible, terrible way. That's right, DCU: stop depressing me.

SallyP said...

I have to admit that this issue of Ambush Bug has been my favorite so far. I sat and giggled like a loon throughout the entire thing.

Sorry to hear that you've been under the weather, and I hope you'e feeling better. Another Wednesday is coming up!

Wrye said...

I hope you're all better soon! Two things I liked about that X-Men cover:

-Rogue in the classic Green and white. Not to mention the perfect casting of her as a bellhop. Not Kitty or Jubilee, but her.

-Both versions of Psylocke. Fantastic.