Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wings of Desire

Here is post #1 in a series that I call: Reviewing Darwyn Cooke's Garbage.

Mr Cooke was kind enough to give us boxes of comics he didn't want. Our job is to choose issues at random and write about them.

Hawkman #49

I think maybe it's time I paid more attention to Hawkman. Clearly I have been missing out.

Well, good morning to you, Handsome! Damn!

Hawkman always looks pretty cool, and I have always appreciated his bold shirtless look, but it's just a crime that he's been hiding that pretty face all this time.

And that's some pretty good hair. And nicely-sculpted eyebrows. Normally his face looks like this:

That's a pretty good look, but here's a better one:

Mmmmhmmm...I know I'd like to see it on a regular basis. I love the playfully unfastened pants.

This is the last Hawkman issue before the One Year Later shift. It's post Rann-Thanagar War. Some stuff happens...some fighting...or something...

I just really can't get past this:

What a man! An intense macho warrior who never wears a shirt. And is winged.

This comic gets a thumbs up from me. Just don't ask me what it's about.


Racy Li said...

We don't need no story as long as we got hot hunky men with wings! :)

rachelle said...

Amen, sister.

SallyP said...

Goodness, he is quite delicious isn't he? I was going crazy trying to figure out where her other leg was in the first scan, but I found it, so never mind.