Thursday, November 30, 2006

Can we talk about something else?

You can say a lot of things about Dr Light, but you can't say he doesn't love to say the word 'rape.'
Dr Light was a joke, then he was a scary rapist, then he was a lobotomized joke, and now he's a scary guy again...who loves to talk about rape.

He even gets all metaphorical talking about rape. You can start a conversation with him, and he will find a way to bring it back to rape.

Did somebody say 'rape?' You'd better believe he likes rape!

Gee whiz, dude! Why don't you just change your name to Dr Rape and get it over with! You'd think you didn't have any totally awesome super powers!

Although I will admit, this little dig is funny. I'd say it's worth having him clumsily insert a rape reference into a conversation to get this insult out:

Ha! Green Arrow gets hot for arrows! Just like Dr Light gets hot for rape!
Superman: How It Should Have Ended

I'm pissed because I stupidly bought the lame Superman Returns DVD with no special features by accident. This video was the only thing that cheered me up. Hilarious!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Excuse me, do you have the time?

You know what I like about the Clock King?

He clearly made his costume himself.

It looks like what you end up with when you're trying to throw a Halloween costume together at the last minute. Let's see...I've got some blue pyjamas...I could paint some clocks on those. And I have this green hooded cape. That doesn't really match, and I don't really need it for anything...but it might look kinda cool. I suppose if I wear these green underwear over the pjs that would sort of match the cape. It would bring it all together. I'll need some sort of mask...preferably something that almost completely obscures my vision. I'll just poke some eye holes in this clock face, I guess. And secure it to my head with this rubber band. Now just add the white rubber boots and long blue gloves...voila! Alright, it's not as cool as my original design...the one where I had actual working clock gears rotating on my chest...but I'm on a budget here.

Lookin' good, Clock King! Though I'm kind of surprised that he doesn't seem to be wearing a watch.

Oh, and he also looks like Charles Bronson with his mask off:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Superman #126: Superman Plays British

I was going to go back to my idea of writing about comics that Darwyn Cooke gave us and write about Superman: True Brit, but that book is actually too ridiculous to bother reviewing.

I would much rather zip back in time and look at Superman posing as a Brit!

Like all good stories, this one starts with Superman giving himself amnesia.

Well, yeah Superman. I could have told you that experiment was a bad idea. And I never took chemistry.

So he starts to notice that he has some powers, and decides to try to learn more about himself:

Yeah, Superman. You study those murals. You study them hard. There is a lot of information there, so you might want to take notes. (I'm not entirely sure how he's using his super-breath in that picture. Is he cleaning the boat?).

Anyway, Superman decides he could use some normal-looking clothes, so he steals this guy's:

Alright, he doesn't steal. He accepts them as a gift. The point is that Superman looks totally ridiculous in a second.

Perry White is a whore for accents.

I was going to post these panels in full-colour, but I really think the black and white is better because it lets you use your imagination more. Superman looks silly, but consider for a moment just how silly he really looks. Monocle, pipe that never leaves his mouth, and, get this TALCUM POWDER in his hair to make it look blonde. This does not make your hair look blonde. It makes it look like it's full of talcum powder. Believe me. Basically what I am saying is that Superman looks like a crazy person.

But it's not all pipe-smoking and goofy-talking for Clarence Kelvin. He has to do some Superman chores as well. Like this one:
One of the key differences between the DCU and our world is that DC whales are vicious killing machines. I could do a whole post about people being rescued from golden and silver-age blood-thirsty whales. (I also like that the narration reminds us that Clarence Kelvin is actually Superman. In case we got lost in the intricate plot).

What's Lois think of our Clarence?

Par for course.

Yeah, Superman. Your new identity is wearing a little thin. It was never really what you might call 'fat.' See, the problem now is that you not only are a man who looks like Superman, but you are also a man who looks like Clark Kent with a monocle, a pipe and powder in your hair. Tweed suit does not a new man make. I'm actually surprised neither Lois nor Perry weren't immediately like "Morning, Kent. What's with the pipe?"

Superman eventually gets his memory back. I won't bore you with the details. He then comes up with this cunning plan as a way to further confuse poor Lois:

Way to make Lois feel like an idiot, Superman. Again.

I like Clark's posture and expression in that last panel.

So, there you have it. Superman and Britain. Never a good combination.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Just What I Always Wanted

From DC Nation #30:

Howard Porter. Thanks for turning the INFINITE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL cover around so quickly.

Great. So we can expect a giant-eyed, scary-haired, over-shadowed, labia-exposing Christmas gift from DC this year.

Back to Basics

Ok, the token Marvel post is out of the way, and now I can get back to yammering on about Superman and Batman.

Here are some random panels that have amused me this week:

Batman demonstrates that, sometimes, the simplest solution is the best solution.

I love this. Batman's just like "Aw, screw it."

Here's an example of Superman doing that thing I hate where he throws an irrelevant reference to Krypton into a simple statement:

Really? A Kryptonian mule? Do those kick harder than Earth mules? Or do you mean if a Kryptonian mule was brought to Earth? Do they even have mules on your frozen planet? Oooo...sorry. I meant, did they have mules on your frozen planet? Before it blew up.

(Spell check wonders if by Kryptonian, I actually meant Estonian).

And, finally, a panel that once again makes me wonder if I should pay more attention to Hawkman. He seems to get up to all sorts of sexy adventures:

What could possibly be right about that, Hawkman? Nice ass, by the way.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I Love You, Mary Jane

I'm just going to come out and say it: I frigging love Marvel's Mary Jane comics. I don't care what age group they're targeting. This series is entertaining and I can't wait for the next installment.
Between this series and Runaways, Marvel is offering up some really excellent and believable teenage characters. I mean, these are comics that I would actually be ok with my future daughter reading.

This series is sort of like Degrassi, except the main character has a giant crush on the local superhero, who makes an appearance from time to time. It's always delightful when he does, full of hilarious Spider-Man quips.

Mary Jane Watson is an excellent role model for young girls. She's nice, she's smart, she's honest. She doesn't dress all slutty. She also isn't flawless, and she makes mistakes. Her fangirl crush on Spider-Man is just as embarrassing and real as the crush on ER's Dr Carter that I had at her age. Except sometimes she actually gets to talk to Spider-Man.

The crush starts when she's rescued by Spider-Man. It's pretty clear that Spider-Man has a pretty big crush on her, too. It's all just so damn cute.

In a later issue we get this excellent mirror scene:

Mary Jane goes to high school with Peter Parker, and she's sort of friends with him. He's just a geeky guy that she thinks is nice. Peter, of course, harbours undying love for her, although that's something the reader can only assume because we really don't hear from Peter very much. He likes to keep a low profile. MJ's best friend, Liz, is Flash's girlfriend. Flash likes to bully Peter. Meanwhile, Flash has a crush on Mary Jane, and Mary Jane is dating Harry Osborn, who is pretty much Peter's only friend.

I really like Mary Jane's relationship with Liz. Liz is a girl that, I think, everyone knew in high school. Over-dramatic, jealous, in a ridiculous relationship, but generally good-hearted. The kind of girl that needs a balanced friend like MJ. Liz also doesn't dress like a total slut, and she and MJ do normal, non-girly things when they're hanging out. Like shooting hoops. With their mid-riffs covered.
Awesome! Look at those girls! Hanging out. Talking intelligently! Playing basketball! Without giant breasts! So much better than, oh, I don't know...THIS:

I'd like to say that even when there is opportunity for slutty clothing in this series, Marvel doesn't take it. When the girls go to the homecoming dance, their dresses actually look like dresses that teen girls would wear to a dance. And when Liz is in her cheerleading uniform, it covers her whole body. After the dance, MJ even takes off her high heels when she walks home because they're uncomfortable! Realism!

The scenes with Mary Jane and Spider-Man are the best. Maybe because she's living the fangirl dream of actually interacting with her seemingly impossible crush. I like that MJ is actually pretty cool around him, and it's usually Spider-Man that gets all nervous:

In closing, look at how adorable Peter Parker is:
Ohmygod. If they don't get together I will just die. They are waytoocute. OTP 4eva!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Tell him I'm not in."

I told myself that I was going to lay off posting about Batman and Superman for a bit. But then I came across these panels in World's Finest #294:

This is the most emo thing I have ever read. It's unsettling to know that the World's Finest heroes have the emotional maturity of myself at age 15.

I love the phone sex lighting in the first panel. I love that Batman has a gallery of framed photos of himself and Superman and they're not even in the Batcave. They are just, like, in his den or something. (I can't believe Bruce Wayne would ever go for wood paneling, but anyway). I also love that he's just gazing at them and stroking them longingly (In the dark? With a flashlight?).

But those last few panels? Unbelievable. I am being crushed by the angst. Batman's silhouette with the clenched fist! Clark fiddling with the phone cord! Clark's single tear!!!

As an aside, I love that Superman keeps the glasses on even when he's home alone. In the dark. Crying.

So basically what I am saying is that Superman/Batman Annual #1 wasn't really over-the-top. This sort of puts everything in perspective. post totally won't be about Superman or Batman.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006