Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Tell him I'm not in."

I told myself that I was going to lay off posting about Batman and Superman for a bit. But then I came across these panels in World's Finest #294:

This is the most emo thing I have ever read. It's unsettling to know that the World's Finest heroes have the emotional maturity of myself at age 15.

I love the phone sex lighting in the first panel. I love that Batman has a gallery of framed photos of himself and Superman and they're not even in the Batcave. They are just, like, in his den or something. (I can't believe Bruce Wayne would ever go for wood paneling, but anyway). I also love that he's just gazing at them and stroking them longingly (In the dark? With a flashlight?).

But those last few panels? Unbelievable. I am being crushed by the angst. Batman's silhouette with the clenched fist! Clark fiddling with the phone cord! Clark's single tear!!!

As an aside, I love that Superman keeps the glasses on even when he's home alone. In the dark. Crying.

So basically what I am saying is that Superman/Batman Annual #1 wasn't really over-the-top. This sort of puts everything in perspective. post totally won't be about Superman or Batman.


Anonymous said...

I like how Batman:

1) Walks around Wayne Manor dressed as Batman, and

2) Has a wall in the Manor (not in the Batcave!) with photos of Superman and Batman on it.

Way to protect that secret identity, Bruce!

So who did the art on those pages? It looks too recent to be Irv Novick pencils, but the linework looks like Dick Giordano (although it might be his ghost, Mike DeCarlo).

Skeleton Munroe said...

that's terrific - superman should show up outside of the Batcave holding a boombox over his head.

Mikey said...

I gave my daughter some Superman & Batman action figures because I wanted them myself and thought I'd use a 4-year old girl as a geek-toy beard.

They now live in her dolls' house. As man and wife.

When she first explained this to me I thought it was kind of funny and weird.

Now I see that it's the most natural thing in the world.

Consider yourself on my list of regular visits. Coffee breaks just got a little bit longer

rachelle said...

HA! That's the greatest thing I've ever heard! Which one is the wife? I'm guessing Superman.

Glad you like the blog! Thanks!

Mikey said...

Nope. Sorry to disappoint but it's The Dark Knight who is very much the lady of the sketch.

I checked with my daughter just now & it's definitely Batman who is the 'mummy'.

Much as in the "Tell him I'm not in" story. And the other one with the oafish cowboys.

It's almost as if the DC writers have been checking out what Apollo & The Midnighter have been up to...

gorjus said...

Greatest. Post. EVER. Scipio highlighted how awexxome this was, Rachelle, and he was 190,007x correct!

rachelle said...

Ha! Thanks! It's easy to make awexxome posts when DC gives me such hilarious material.

Ben said...

You know, this was a very touching and effective moment when I was a lad. It was when I first realized that these gigantic he-men were regular people, just like you 'n' me. Thank you for ruining everything I ever loved.

. . . okay, the tear's a bit much.