Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rating the Super Hunks #15: Daredevil

It's time to rate another super hunk. I haven't been giving adequate attention to the boys of Marvel, and it isn't because they don't have any hunks. The Marvel universe is jam packed with hotties, so let's take a look at one of my favourites

Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil

Costume/Appearance: Daredevil's costume is fantastic. Particularly in the recent series with the darker tone of red. It's just a perfect, attractive suit, which I think is made more attractive by the fact that you can tell he thinks he looks pretty hot in it. Even though he can't see himself...he just knows.

The little horns are a tad ridiculous, but he makes them work. I mean, they are far more subdued than Batman's pointy ears. I am also a big fan of the red fabric covering his eyes in the mask. I'm a fan of the red-on-red colour choice for the uniform as a whole. And of that sexy thigh holster where he stores his billy clubs.

Daredevil strikes more awesome poses than any other superhero. And I'm not even talking about his action poses, which are always rad. I'm talking about when he's just standing around talking to people.

Look at him! Every pose is like "Want a taste?"

And let's talk about Matt Murdock! Dude is a stone fox. This is why it hurts so much that Ben Affleck played him in the movie. Matt Murdock is way sexier than Ben Affleck. Matt Murdock is way more Matt Damon.


Personality: I think Daredevil may be one of the most challenging characters in comic books as far as rating personalities goes. He's kind of all over the place. On one hand, he is very emo and is constantly feeling bad for himself.

This is mostly because his life is often total shit, so you can't really blame him. But pre-Miller, he was a lot more charming and funny when he was out fighting crime. He was quick with a joke and smiled a lot. His sense of humour was a little condescending, but at least it was there. Then his life filled with tragedy and increased violence and hardship. This has left him where he is today: bitter, humourless and basically insane. He is practically Batman, where he used to be like a more grown-up, sexy Spider-Man.

And the ladies love him.

Of course the Miller Daredevil stuff, and the current Daredevil stuff, are both fantastic. But when I read those old DD comics I can't get over how much I love that guy. He's just...cool. He's blind but he's like, "Whatever, I'm awesome!"

He's not going to let blindness stop him from jumping off rooftops, taking down bad guys, or driving cars.

But we have to consider where he is today. And that is miserable and insane. But oddly, still sexy.

Day Job: Matt Murdock is a lawyer. He's Law AND Order! Plus, lawyers make a lot of money so he's rich. Usually. But they are also kinda boring.


Sexiness of Superpowers: Oh man. He can't see but all of his other senses are super-sensitive? Yeah. That's hot.

Daredevil's powers are totally neat. I think he might have my favourite powers. And he's an awsome fighter and acrobat. So he's getting full marks for this one.

He also seems to love what he does, and I like that in a hero.


Cons: Let's talk about Daredevil's track record with women. Because it ain't great. To begin with, a considerable percentage of the women he dates end up dead. Or addicted to something. Or porn stars. Or all three. And often it's more or less his fault.

Matt Murdock loves the ladies, but it's almost in a self-loathing way. Whatever it is, it isn't healthy.
He's also just generally weird.

I'm taking off five points for the trail of dead girlfriends and the complete emotional breakdown that is lurking just below Matt's surface, threatening to erupt at any moment.

- 5

As an aside, I feel like Daredevil says more unintentionally dirty things than any other superhero. Let's roll the clips:

Alright, I'm done.

Final Score: 31/40

Decent, DD. I really am very attracted to this guy. Even though I know it will only lead to heartbreak, heroin, and suicide.


Skeleton Munroe said...

Nice closing image.

Yeah, I miss the fun Daredevil too. I haven't checked him out in comic form for a while, but every time I read about the Marvel Universe I see some throwaway bit of news that troubles me, like "Daredevil tried to kill the Kingpin" or "Daredevil *is* the Kingpin" or "Daredevil's major part in the Civil War was when he ate a basket of puppies."

I've got a great issue where his sunglasses get busted wile he's at a casino, so the owner rustles him up these giant hideous things that were made for Elvis. Matt know that they're awful but he's just standing around being quietly dignified while Foggy loses his shit. Yay!

SallyP said...

Daredevil eh? Hmmmm...Well, he IS a redhead, and I do like redheads. And the costume is pretty good, and being an acrobat he gets to do all these funky poses and stuff. Oh, and I do like the way that he cocks his hips.

But...he's just so emo lately. I understand that he's had a tough time with women, but he's just a little too whiney about it. And wouldn't it be nice to just have him go work at traffic court for a while? It doesn't ALWAYS have to be the Kingpin.

Anonymous said...

It is so impossible to argue with this logic. Its a perfect judgment. Did I want him to do better? Yes. Can I complain no. damn. The big killer is the dying part. The drugs hurt, but the dying. That's a real downer. Oh yeah and the accidentally flipping out and killing people because of being in a relationship with DD. But boy do I love the guy.

rachelle said...

Hey, I'm not saying I wouldn't hit it.

Anonymous said...

I especially like the image of him taking his clothes off mid-backflip. He's a bloody show-off.

P.S - why is there a picture of someone in a wheelchair next to the image verification box?

joy said...

That was the funnest thing I've read all day. And I've been totally blowing off work and reading blogs all day, so that's really saying something.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. The panels you picked out for this are awesome.

rachelle said...


This post seriously took forever because I was obsessively trying to hunt down certain panels. The post time says 10:21 but I actually didn't finish it until about 1am.

alex said...

Oh man, is that a panel from my beloved Daredevil #8 (first appearance of Stiltman!) where he's driving the car with no brakes? That one is awesome, I still crack up everytime I read that panel with him driving and honking yelling "No Brakes, no brakes!"

ZombieDiplomat said...

My mind is blown that he's driving around in a car. But then again Matt's driving would explain why there is braille at the bank's drive thrus.

Michael said...

He is SO more Matt Damon than Ben Affleck.

You got that right, sistah.

DD is hot, in that wild, psychotic but you're gonna have a hot time kind of way...

rachelle said...

And you know Daredevil's going to have a hot time because he's going to super feel it.

Kevin T. Johns, writing coach said...

"I'm taking off five points for the trail of dead girlfriends and the complete emotional breakdown that is lurking just below Matt's surface, threatening to erupt at any moment."

Actually, the emotional breakdown already happened. A few years back Foggy sat Matt down (actually I think Matt might have been in a hospital bed at the Night Nurse's clinic) and pointed out that Matt's behaviour for the last thirty issues was likely the result of a nervous breakdown following Karen's death.

So yeah. He's already gone totally mental, as you kinda point out in other parts of the article.

Anyway, great work!

(Is that pic of Hawkeye and Blackwidow from that awesome Steve Gerber run where DD was living in San Fransico and hanging out with the Rolling Stone crowd?!)

rachelle said...

Oh yeah. That run is great. Daredevil living in San Francisco doesn't make any sense, but it's awesome. And when he starts rolling with the editor of Rolling Stone? Amazing.

Unknown said...

What's wrong with living in San Francisco? I wonder how a Daredevil sequel would be received if they chose a Miller storyline, given the hits Sin City and 300.

I always wondered how the sonar thing worked through glass. Would sound reflect around inside the car while driving, not letting him know what's in front of him? And when chasing a perp, could he differentiate between a window and a mirror on a wall? It would be funny to see him smack into a mirror thinking he's about to break through a window.

Christine said...

Oh this was great! Yeah, Matt Murdock is the hottest hero around. And for someone who has "issues" with mirrors he's a really good dresser too. And he totally knows he's good-looking. :)

As for the driving bit, DD can totally drive, if you by "drive" mean opereate a motor vehicle. If you mean drive safely in heavy traffic, that's a big no no. Dirt road in the middle of nowhere? Sure. NYC traffic? Being able to see traffic lights, lane markings and street signs is probably kind of necessary when you think about it. I don't think the DMV could be sold on the whole radar + heightened senses bit, and I'm pretty sure Matt himself would actually agree with that assessment. He can kick a tidy ass with the best of them, but drive? Not so much... Hey we all have our weak points, no big deal. :)

Are there really Braille instructions at bank drive-throughs, though? That blows my mind. Although I've also noticed that they put Braille labels above door frames in public places sometimes. Are people expected to reach up there or something? It's weird.

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