Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Supergirl Plays Cupid

Here's a little story about a time where Supergirl gets tired of living in an orphanage and resorts to drastic measures in hopes that she can get the hell out of there. It's from Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #14 (1960).

Oh, calm down Lois. It's Superman. What's he going to do? Take all those waterskiiers back to his tour bus after the show?

How often does Supergirl spy on Lois?

Aaahh!! Those eyes! They will haunt me forever!

So this is how desperate and crazy poor Supergirl has gotten. And here's her plan:

Alright! Way to beat Superman at his own game! This is the sort of crap he would normally be pulling on Lois, because Superman loves nothing more than making Lois think she's crazy. Here's my favourite one:

Ahahahaha! A coffee pot! Nice one, Supergirl!

Also..."Severe Kitchen Ware."

So Superman decides that he might possibly be in love with Lois. Which I never thought was the issue. I thought he just didn't want to put her in danger so he never acted on his feelings. Right?

Well, anyway:

"Perry said I could borrow his pleasure schooner any time I want."

I'll bet he did.

Good lord! Look at the size of Perry's pleasure schooner! How much does the editor of the Daily Planet make?!

Back to the date...
Those are some unorthodox cooking classes they are teaching at the Midvale Orphanage.

Holy crap, Lois! Do you want to date Superman or not? Because sometimes Superman has to go save lives, alright?

And now it's time for Supergirl to make some romance happen:


What?! No! Ok, look Superman. It's one thing to suddenly decide not to propose to a lady, but you should NOT tell her that you were just about to propose but decided not to because she fell in the water. That's just cold. As is flying away suddenly, leaving Lois alone on a boat.

Superman feels kinda bad the next day, and decides to go apologize:

What?! That TRAMP!

"Love, Batman." I just melted. I know it's not really him writing that card, but still...

I have to say, this is bold for Supergirl. Especially since she hasn't actually met Batman yet. At least not that we've seen.

No! If anyone is going to be his Bat-Queen it's going to be me!!!

Ohhhhh dear. Now you've done it, Supergirl.

Oh, you Super-heel!

Well, it turns out that Superman was playing along the whole time:

"I'll never interfere with Cousin Superman's romantic life again!"

Well, at least not until your next appearance, when Superman makes you pretend to be his fiance. And it is just as creepy as it sounds. But I already talked about that story way back here.


Matthew E said...

"If I married you, I'd spend the rest of my life rescuing you from some peril or other!

Not like now!"

Sea-of-Green said...

Severe Kitchen Ware -- preferred brand of Iron Chefs everywhere!

Captain Infinity said...

I'm beginning to have my doubts that Krypton actually exploded. I think these two were sent away because they knew what colossal dicks they were going to turn out to be.

Jack Norris said...

"Tee-hee, now Batman's in the hospital because of my nutty plan to drive Superman crazy with jealousy! What a wacky turn of events!"

SallyP said...

It's a darned good thing that there weren't any REALLY bad villains back in the day, because it would SO interfere with Superman and Supergirl's shenanigans.

Between torturing Jimmy, rescuing (and torturing) Lois,and taunting each other, there couldn't have been a whole lot of time left for actual crime-fighting.

Dean said...

Lois should have known that if the note had really come from Batman, it would have been attached to an unconscious burglar.

Anonymous said...

Too funny, thanks!

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