Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fancy New Banner/See Me in Toronto!

As you can see above, my blog has a new banner. It was designed by my bf/bff Matt and I think it looks pretty sharp.

Just as fair warning, there won't be any new comic reviews this upcoming week because I am headed to Toronto next weekend with my band. We are going to be opening for one our idols, the legendary Wanda Jackson! If you don't know who that is, I encourage you to look her up. Her music is FANTASTIC and she was a huge inspiration to us when we started the band. We're very excited about this.

If you are in the Toronto area and have $30 to spend on a ticket, we are playing Friday Oct 19 and Saturday Oct 20 at the Cadillac Lounge. Or if you are in the Toronto area and just wanna hang out or something, send me an email.

In other news, the winners of my recent contest were drawn. The winners have all been contacted except the mysterious Stewart, for whom I have no contact info. You wanna send me an email, Stewart?

Thanks to everyone who entered. The stories were great!

Email, again, is rachellegoguen at gmail dot com.


Johnny B said...

Wow, Wanda Jackson! I didn't even know she was still alive, let alone performing...!

Bob-o-the-great said...

Cool site...Im digging the Booster Gold comic cameos and inside jokes.

Check out my Art blog and if you like it pass the address around!


Scott said...

It's a very nice banner.

Why are you holding an Iron Man comic?

John said...

Love the banner, but yeah - Iron Man? Batman will be jealous.

Spot 1980 said...

Speaking of Rachelle's band, (Cult)u're Magazine currently has up an interview with the Stolen Minks. Living Between Wednesdays is mentioned.

Check it out at:

rachelle said...

Thanks for posting that, Spot! I didn't even know about that one!

Re: Iron Man...I think Matt went with that one because the comic happened to be on the floor in front of him. Plus...Iron Man is going to be everywhere soon once the movie gets close. Just you wait. I'm a trend setter.

Jon Hex said...

That IS Iron Man. Adventures, if I'm remembering correctly.

Stewart said...

I'm here! I'm here! I'll e-mail you my e-mail address right away!

Mark said...

You and Jade Fontain over in PVP
have the same tastes in costumes this year.