Friday, October 05, 2007

This Week's Haul: Rush Job

I gotta do this week's reviews in a hurry because I am studying for my mid-terms. Sorry in advance for the lack in quality.

Action Comics #856

We need more comics that open with a little girl being pushed off a balcony:

More Bizarro awesomeness from Eric Powell, Geoff Johns and Richard Donner.

Bizarro Lois and Jimmy:

Bizarro Mxy:

Bizarro Doomsday:

I also really liked Bizarro Lex Luthor because I picture him talking the same, sounding all dignified and smart, but with the Bizarro-style mixed-up words.

As with the last issue, the Powell art is amazing. There was so much cool stuff on this page alone:

Powell makes Superman's eye blasts look extra crazy. And that panel of Supes getting punch by four fists at once is pretty awesome. As is the one below it. Pa Kent's POV there is pretty nuts.

I can't wait to see more of the Bizarro Justice League in the next issue. The last page in this one cracked me up.

The All New Atom #16

The awesome thing about this issue is that Roger Stern was filling in for Gail Simone, and he did such a great job that I didn't even notice. It's nice to know that, if Simone ever had to abandon Ryan Choi, it's possible that someone else could write him just as well.

Ok, so this was great. Laugh-out-loud funny as usual.

The other nice thing about this issue is that, for reasons I can only attribute to perhaps an increased interest in the title since the search for Ray Palmer began, it brings the reader up to speed on everything that happened previously. But it's done throughout the comic in a way that isn't boring. I can see being confused if you picked up an issue of The Atom as to why Ryan lives with a giant, floating alien head.

Anyway, great issue. Great series.

Green Lantern Corps #16

Planet Fight!!!!!!!

Hells yeah!

Also, the guardians have decided that it's alright for the lanterns to get their kill on:

Our heroes waste no time. They just start laying waste to the Sinestro Corps immediately:

So the tide has turned in the epic space battle. And it's heading to Earth. Which we knew already from the last Green Lantern issue, but's gonna be dope!

I really liked Sodam Yat's battle-ravaged look:

He could totally patch that suit up with his ring. He chooses not to.

Countdown Week 30

I liked this issue. I think this series might be getting better. Maybe. It still has thirty issues in which it can become awesome. Right now it's pretty good...most of the time.

There was a lot of Piper/Trickster stuff in this one, which I always appreciate. And our Ray Palmer-searchers landed on an Earth where Jason Todd is Batman and the Atom is a chick and Donna Troy is Wonder Woman and Kyle is...Kyle. I couldn't really tell them apart.

"We don't know these people, Donna, stop handing out personal information." Can anyone else tell what is wrong with that sentence?

Hehe..."Happy fun-time Batman." Oh, I really hope they find that Earth.

Countdown Presents The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Society #1

So I guess it is possible for this crazy idea for a series to be just have to get Sean McKeever to write it.

This was really enjoyable. So much better than that Wildstorm one that was out a few weeks ago. The whole comic is a really entertaining life story of the Jokester, who we met in last week's Countdown and who is now following Team Palmer around. I highly recommend.

Detective Comics #837

Not a lot of Batman in this one, but that's cool. It was a really good fill-in-the-blanks issue that explained how Harley found her way to the Amazonian women's shelter in Metropolis. Plus, Bruce Wayne hires The Riddler, who you'll recall is on the straight and narrow now and working as a private detective, to recover some stolen goods. This leads to Riddler teaming up with Harley because the thief is also at the shelter.

It's fun.

JLA/Hitman #2

This was awesome.

For one thing, I love how much Batman hates Tommy:

And I love how much Tommy loves making Batman angry.

I also love a powerless Kyle having to take a guy out with a chair:

Yes, it's all very awesome and hilarious.

But here's the twist...this comic is really very touching. It basically serves as a love letter Ennis is writing for his late character, Tommy Monaghan. And the letter is narrated by Superman, who is telling the story to a reporter. And it gets do damn sad, you wouldn't believe it. This two-part series is really great. I never expected this kind of love to be put into an Ennis comic. Particularly not a JLA comic. I'm impressed.

Metal Men #3

I'm not going to pretend to always understand what's going on in this comic, but I definitely love looking at it.

I mean, I do get what's going on. There's just so

But it's a very fun read and Magnus is adorably nerdy and every single panel is stunning:

Just look at the perfection that is this page:

The lighting and shadowing in this comic is really fantastic. Look at that panel with the flashlight!

I love Magnus practicing his marriage proposal, and trying to not bring science into it.

Supergirl #22

Hands down, the best issue of Supergirl yet. She kicked so much ass and was so cool.

And at the end she totally stands up to Superman and tells him that she can live her own life and she doesn't need him playing father figure all the time. Superman surprises her by agreeing with her.

And then the Teen Titans surprise me by walking out of that barn, where I guess they have been hiding. Which is really weird. And great.

That's the end of the Bedard/Guedes run, sadly. It kinda feels like it should be the end of the series, but they are going to keep going with it. I am curious to see where they take it. The next run sounds kind of inspired by her appearances in the Brave and the Bold, at least in terms of her taking part in some inter-galactic missions which involve JLA members. We'll see...

Blah. Alright, that's all I have time for. Back to statistics.


Johnathan said...

My question is: why the hell is Kyle even in Countdown? Is this some alternate-universe version of him? Because I'm pretty sure he's Parallax right now. Unless this has already been cleared up and nobody's told me, I am upset.

Johnathan said...

Okay, so I looked it up and Countdown takes place after the Sinestro Corps War. Way to spoil the suspense, DC.

SallyP said...

I try not to think about how the time frame has been bolluxed up wtih Countdown and the Sinestro Corps War, not to mention, I'm still confused as to exactly when the whole Green Arrow/Black Canary wedding took place. I figure a year from now, it won't matter.

Gosh, Green Lantern Corps was fabulous! Sodam Yat was TOTALLY trying to impress Arisia with his shredded costume. And it was shredded very very nicely.

JLA/Hitman was magnificent. How on earth does Garth Ennis write such a wonderful Superman? The bit at the end, where Superman is flying around the earth, then up into space, and the memorial on the moon...gorgeous. Just gorgeous. And of course, I was tearing up at the end.


John Foley said...

I'm with sallyp. I was really choked up there at the end of JLA/Hitman. I didn't realize how much I missed that book until now.
I say that Ennis should be writing a JLA book for real.

Baal said...

From the initiation comment to Supergirl, does it make anyone else think they could get a storyline out of it a la the 12 labors of WOnder Woman that got her back in the JLA back when?

Scott said...

When was Sodam Yat intriduced into continuity? He was introduced in the 86 Annual(written by Alan Moore) as the Ultimate Green Lantern, who would perish in the final Green Lantern battle.

He's not supposed to exist until the distant future, and he pretty thouroughly trumps Hal Jordan's rep as "Greatest GL." When did they start fudging with Alan Moore's story?

SallyP said...

Scott, it's all in the Sinestro Corps story that is running through Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. Geoff Johns and Dave Gibbons are taking elements from that old Alan Moore story, and running with it.

Great stuff.

Amanda said...

I see many more ripped uniform pics of Sodam Yat and Im nominating him to be rated as a SuperHunk.

Patrick said...

Sodam Yat is a rookie now. He's also a Daxamite, which if I remember kind of makes him like Superman but weak against lead instead of kryptonite? Anyway, he'll probably be very long-lived giving him plenty of time to be the ultimate green lantern. He's off to a good start. (I'm talking about him blowing up Ranx, not having a shredded uniform)

Anonymous said...

How in the world can that lady in the white/green ensemble fight without popping out of her top? And don't say 'magic'!

Anonymous said...

Upon closer examination, it looks like she's wearing orange too, and it only looks like a low-cut top. I'm hoping this is right...

Adam said...

The Green Lantern Corps is now pronounced Green Lantern Corpse.

Grant said...

Glad ya all like the new Supergirl, cause Jesus knows ya complained enough about how she used to look, I had no idea people were so disgusted by the sight of the female form, wow. I do like the new art, but I think she looks a little too realistic. Anyway I guess this is for the best, I mean everyone knows when it comes to body image comicbooks are a heavy influence in how teenage girls think of themselves :P