Sunday, October 21, 2007

This Week's Mini-Haul

I'm back from Toronto, aka The Big...City?

Anyway, it was fun and we played and people liked us and we met Wanda Jackson and she was rad and I ate lots of good food and I finally went to The Silver Snail and it was awesome.

And I saw a raccoon walking down the street!

Now I'm back in Hali. Eating Kraft Dinner. Wishing I had cable so I could watch the Red Sox game. GO SOX!!!

Comics were great this week. I didn't get a chance to do proper reviews, but here are some quickies:

Brave and the Bold: Ohmygod. This was so good. This series is, seriously, perfect. Wonder Woman and Power Girl together, and they were so distinct from each other. It was great.

Catwoman: I was really scared for this issue because I kinda knew what was going to happen. I don't like that they are writing off Selina's daughter, but I am REALLY glad that Zatanna didn't mindwipe Selina or anything. That would have suuuuuuuucked. So I hate that the kid is gone, but it was done in the best way possible.

Aquaman: Sniff! Farewell, Aquaman. I loved you so.

Justice League of America: It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. Actually, it was completely forgettable.

Birds of Prey: This was tons of fun. I am looking forward to McKeever writing this series, but if Bedard was going to stay on as the writer for a while I wouldn't complain.

Captain America: The more Winter Soldier the better, I say! So I loved this issue. But, like I was saying in the shop the other day, it would be pretty surprising if Ed Brubaker ever wrote a bad issue. And if he did, I would assume it was brilliant satire.

Marvel Adventures The Avengers: Ty Templeton! Between this and the Avengers Classic comic this week, I just really love the Avengers. (Note: Avengers Classic would make an excellent golf tournament title).

Metamorpho Year One: Y'all should be checking this out if you're not. It's really good!

And that's all I got to. I still have to read Umbrella Academy, Countdown and Death of the New Gods.


running42k said...

I picked up Cat woman based on your reviews, I must say I wasn't disappointed. Thanks.

Heather said...

Was I the only one wondering why Wonder Woman kept calling Power Girl Kara instead of Karen? I know that she's Kara Zor-L from Earth-2 but everbody in the JSA still calls her Karen so I found it all a bit distracting.

chris said...

Death of the New Gods was pretty darn cool. With Kirby gone no one does cosmic as well as Jim Starlin, well except for Grant Morrison of course. While I'm sad that they're killing the characters I do feel that they are in better hands than when Byrne was doing them.

Byrne's New Gods still makes me sad.

John said...

Aquaman was my favorite superhero as a kid, so upon reading this I went looking around to backtrack as to his fate . . . why does DC have to make things so convoluted? Ugh. You need to take a semenary class in comics to follow this stuff anymore . . .

Anyhow, I always love reading your reviews far more than the comics themselves, which leads me to wonder why you're not writing the actual books and the DC staff isn't writing a blog about your work instead.

rachelle said...

Ha! Thanks!

I'm pretty sure Catwoman is based on my life.

SallyP said...

Go Red Sox! Heh heh.

All pretty darned good books this week. I especially liked Birds of Prey. Justice League could have been better. The Death of the New Gods annoyed me unspeakably.

chris said...


Why did Death of the New Gods annoy you?

SallyP said...

Dear Chris,

DEATH!!!! Of course it was right there in the title, so shame on me, for being suckered in.