Monday, October 08, 2007

Midnighter vs Transformers

About Midnighter #12, which came out last week, I just want to say:

Nice ad placement.


Jess Nukem said...

Oooh, sorry about that. I remember the other time this happened was in New X-Men 125. There was two page spread of Xorn and Cyclops and it got split by a Strawburst ad. That was the least of that issue's problem. The art was particularly horrible and Grant Morrison totally phoned it in. By the end of the week, Mark Powers the editor resigned.

At least, you'll have the trade. :D

Tiina said...

At least Midnighter isn't fighting that smiley-faced red balloon dude.

Actually, it would rule to see Midnighter mess that guy up.

Adam said...

Yes. No!
and that Airheads thing. My god that confused the feathers outta me. It even had writer and artist credits! It was an add. arrg.

mister grimm said...

It was like a commercial smack dab in my comic.

Did not like.