Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Everybody Knows That No Woman Can Keep a Secret

Even more...

All I want to do lately is read old comic book letters pages.

This response is truly amazing:
Give this editor a raise! Clearly he's the right man for the job of overseeing a comic book for girls.

Thank God for girls like Margie Loughran of NYC. She is clearly rad and I would love to hang out with her:

Smoke it, DC. Smoke it hard.


Bill D. said...

It's almost as if you chose your profile picture in response to some sort of premonition of these eventual Lois Lane posts.

Anonymous said...

Shameless plug and some free press for you. I think I secured you at least one other regular reader. Keep up the good work.


Adam Barnett said...

Actually, I would take issue with the Pat Boone story, because actors don't play themselves when they are romancing on screen. And I'm right, because I'm a man, so HA!

Jim said...

These letters are great - keep these posts coming.