Monday, February 12, 2007

Let's Get Ready to Tumble!

Er...did, um, "tumble" used to mean something else? In the fifties?

Cause otherwise the Comics Code Authority was a little looser than I thought.


Johnathan said...

'Cause otherwise the Comics Code Authority was a little looser than I thought.'

So was Lois, apparently.

Captain Infinity said...

I have to know; what was Mark's last name? Please tell me it rhymes with Kent.

buttler said...

... and so was lois! damn, johnathan beat me to it.

eh, i guess it was too easy anyway. like lois!

okay, i seriously need to stop now.

RAB said...

Actually, "give a tumble" was slang for "show an interest in" as far back as the Twenties.

Another slang meaning for "tumble" was "realize" -- as in "Clark didn't tumble to the fact that Lois had been in love with the eyeglasses all along!"

rachelle said...

Ah, well that makes sense then. I'm going to start using "tumble" in my daily speech.

As for Mark's last name, it was it basically rhymed with Kent.

Anonymous said...

Man I have missed some cool posts here in the last month- keep up the great work! (How bout some reviews, what with Dave slacking off).

I'm just gonna ignore rab's explaination of tumbling since the immature route is way more fun.

Good thing Batman Begins didn't take place in this era- poor Alfred would forever be confused as to whether Bats was refering to his car or Bruce Waynes bed.