Sunday, March 25, 2007


Bob Haney Rules Week continues.

I love how frequently the characters of the Haneyverse emit bone-chilling banshee cries.

And, yes. That is what Batman is saying.

Which is better? Aieeee! or...

I can't decide. Possibly even funnier than these exclamations is Batman's reaction to his boy partner being electrocuted:

Batman only looks out for one guy: Batman.

Moments later... probably should have. Jackass.

Anyway, back to humorous cries of agony. This is my favourite:

"Aiiee! I...I'm blacking out!" Man. Even I can take blacking out better than that.

By contrast, Haney's Green Lantern can silently take a beating. Like a man.


Kevin Church said...

Haney Batman is the only Batman for me.

Ok, and Morrison Batman.

Kris said...

Hello, I'm a host on the Dollar Bin podcast ( and I mention your blog towards the end of our newest show, #32 Comic and Women. I was wondering if I could add you to our list of "Blogs we read" in our side bar.

I tried looking for your email and couldn't find it. I tried IMing you but you are not online. Feel free to delete this comment because it's not relevant to our post but it was the only way I knew to contact you.


SallyP said...

Go Hal! Show Bats your tight well-muscled buttocks...of VICTORY!


Sorry, got a bit carried away there. But yes, I do love the "Aaiieeee!" It comes across as a genuine squeal, as opposed to the much more manly "Arrgghh!"

And Batman hides behind a rock while Robin is electrocuted and kidnapped. What a wuss.

Kurt said...

Love your stuff. A breath of fresh air in between rounds of heavy masturbating.

rachelle said...


Everything you said sounds rad. If you wanna email me it's I would be totally stoked if you added me to your list of blogs you read.

I'm gonna listen to that show now! Thanks!

rachelle said...

Kevin: I don't know if I can top those panels, but I'll try my hardest. The well of Haney hilarity is deep.

Sallyp: Batman certainly comes off looking like a lesser man than Hal in these panels. You win this round.

Kurt: It's important to take breaks.

Anonymous said...

Also offtopic, from the Absorbascon:
Rachelle said:

Superman may have been drunk, but he'd be damned if he was going to let Zatanna ruin another one of his karaoke birthday parties with her screechy backwards rendition of No Scrubs.

He regretted the last five tequila shots now, as he crawled across the stage, arm outstretched. At the time they had seemed necessary. How else could he have gotten through Oliver's brutally heartfelt Broken Arrow, sung, on bended knee, for Black Canary?

No more karaoke parties, he vowed to himself. Next year he was renting the wave pool.

I... I think I love you.

-not scipio

Johnathan said...

I'm pretty fond of Robin getting a big ol' KRAAAACKLLLE! of energy.

He did *not* have to shave his bikini area that week.

thedeadpenguin said...

I love that Batman's chin is so powerful it breaks a panel border in that fourth pic.

Anonymous said...

"Something weird...Frightening...Flashing on and off inside my head...!!"

Eh...That would be guilt Bruce. You let the villains electrocute and kidnap your ward while you hid in the bushes.