Thursday, March 15, 2007

This Week's Haul

This week I ended up buying more than I thought I would. It's a decent amount, considering the lack of a Batman title.

Civil War: The Confession #1


This was just adorable. And...text-heavy in the classic Bendis style. I actually enjoyed it. I kinda like Bendis, even though his Spider-Man is gratingly annoying. Certainly better than Millar. Basically the whole point of this comic is to show that Iron Man isn't the total ass that Civil War led us to believe.

Am I crazy? I thought this was better than any of the other Civil War books. I know I'm a Marvel newbie, but...

One question: Captain America is shown with his blood-spattered shield resting on his dead body. Very powerful imagery and all that, did his shield get all bloody? He didn't have it on him when he was shot. this an ongoing thing? It's #1. Are more confessions going to happen. Is Iron Man just going to sit next to Captain America's rotting corpse confessing every little thing that's been bothering him. ("Steve, you remember when you put that sandwich in the fridge at the Avenger mansion, and it disappeared? And you said you clearly labeled it "Captain America's Lunch," and you asked me if I'd seen it? Well, I totally ate it. I'm sorry. I know I said I didn't know what you were talking about, but I did. wasn't worth it. That sandwich wasn't very good.").

Robin #160

I'm trying to make a decision about whether or not to start buying Robin regularly. I always enjoy it when I read it, and I really like Tim Drake as a character. It's a funner comic than Nightwing, but it's still not...quite...interesting enough. I dunno. Maybe because I don't regularly read Teen Titans. Should I be reading Teen Titans? Anyone?

This was pretty good. Sometimes I have to ask myself if I only read Robin because there's a chance that Batman will show up. Does that make me shallow? Anyway, he didn't show in this issue, and maybe that made me like it a little less than if he had. Also, this was one of two comics, Superman being the other one, that I read this week featuring a clumsily-written gangsta dude.

I do like Robin solving complex mysteries on his own. I have a soft spot for teenage detectives. And this one features a good amount of detective work. That was kinda cool.

Green Arrow #72

First of all, I am very sad that this is being canceled. I know it's fashionable to dislike Judd Winick, but I'm cool with him, and I think his writing suited the Green Arrow title nicely. This issue wraps up the Green Arrow/Batman team-up series. Like all Green Arrow comics, it was a fun read with cool art snappy hero/villain banter. Also, Green Arrow and Batman arguing, which is always a good time. The rumour is that this title is being replaced with a Green Arrow/Black Canary title. I guess I'm ok with that. It means a good female character more or less gets her own title, so I can't complain. I just hope we don't stray from the Green Arrow family of sidekicks, because I enjoy each and every one of them.

Superman #660

Full marks for this cover. Speech bubbles? Yay!

The Busiek run on Superman has been kinda...odd. It's been sort of Astro City-esque in the way that it stars Metropolis more than Superman, focusing on various minor characters and random Metropolis citizens. I liked last month's story about the religious old woman who believed Superman to be one of God's angels, and herself to hold the God-given power of summoning Superman to smite evil. What she doesn't get is that Superman is simply showing up whenever she prays for him because he can hear her with his super-hearing. God's not really a factor.

Anyway, that was last month. This month's issue focuses on the Prankster. It's his POV, and involves him instructing the reader on the art of the perfect prank. It's...pretty good, but I dunno. Does anyone else feel that All-Star Superman has ruined them for all other Superman stories? It's getting harder to impress me. Good effort, though, Kurt!

Wonder Woman #5


Ok, so we have a guest writer and artist. I like Will Pfeifer. I enjoy his work on Catwoman. I'm looking forward to his Amazons Attack mini-series. I had no problem with the writing of this comic (A little heavy-handed maybe...).

This issue is part five of Diana Prince's It's a Wonderful Life-style journey to learn whether or not the existence of Wonder Woman is any good for anybody. As it turns out, it is. In this issue we learn that a number of shelters for battered women were started up across America in Wonder Woman's name. The very idea of Wonder Woman has given countless women hope and the power to believe in themselves. Nice. Too bad when WW finally shows up in all her splendor...she's showing a little too much...splendor:

Aw, lady. Look at yourself. Boobs all falling out. Eagle head buried in cleavage. Not really enough material in the shorts to cover your whole crotch (nice Brazilian, by the way). You look so much better on the cover. I do approve of your flat boots, though.

But seriously, just bring the shorts out an inch or so to completely cover her crotch and you'll get far less eye-rolling from me. Check out the difference:

Slight, but important. And maybe her breasts should be a little more secure. IT'S WONDER WOMAN! A little respect, please. You wouldn't draw Superman with his balls all hanging out.

52 Week 45

Nice cover, once again. J.G. Jones has been rocking these things. Every single one is a winner.

So this is the big lead-in to World War III, it seems. And it looks like it's going to go down thusly: Black Adam versus...everyone else in the whole world. If I didn't have any advance knowledge of how things are going to turn out, I would be leaning toward betting on Black Adam. Dude is pissed. Other than learning that Black Adam is going to kill us all, and that Sivana is totally ready for a smack-down, not too much was learned in this issue. Oh, other than that Montoya is dressing like The Question...without really dressing like The Question. Just do it, Rene. Just do it and get it over with. You are boring me. If somebody asked me to be The Question, you better believe I'd do it. I'd be buying a royal blue suit so fast...

Grifter/Midnighter #1

Oh, Wildstorm. You have figured out the secret formula for getting my money. Midnighter + Anyone = $$. This is similar to the DC formula, which is Batman + Anyone = $$. Just imagine what you could charge me for Midnighter + Batman. (Please, please make that comic. It would be so...weird).

I don't know much about Grifter because I don't read WildC.A.Ts. Maybe I should, what with the Grant Morrison and all. Not much has happened in this series as of yet, but Midnighter is being his usual badass self. And that's good enough for me. Sigh. Call me, Midnighter!


Johnathan said...

*I* would draw Superman with his balls all hanging out.

Michael Rawdon said...

Heh. "This Week's Haul" is also the title I use for my entries on my weekly trip to the comics shop.

rachelle said...

Aw, is it? I should come up with another name. I knew it wasn't very original. I can think harder.

Michael Jones said...

How about "booty call" for your week's haul. It seems to cover much of what you address in your blog. I'm a recent reader of LBW and I'm loving it. More obscure Canadian references please!

paperghost said...

"You wouldn't draw Superman with his balls all hanging out.

paperghost said...

"You wouldn't draw Superman with his balls all hanging out."

please god, don't give them any ideas.

(damn blogger beta mangled my original post! gah!)

rachelle said...

Hey, if screwy Blogger beta only leads to "superman with his balls hanging out" appearing more frequently in the comment threads, then more power to it.

And thanks, MJ. I'll try to up the Canadian obscurity content. Represent!

Brian said...

Now she's wearing the Wonder Thong in her regular book too?!? Gahh!! And the Dodsons were doing such a good job giving Di full coverage.
Maybe they should give Diana the skirt back just so they can avoid horny artists drawing her that way.

Matthew Perpetua said...

I'm with you on the Civil War: Confession thing -- it was much much much better than all the other Civil War stuff. If only Bendis and Maleev did the whole Civil War thing instead -- it'd be a lot more talky, but also a lot less embarrassing.

The thing I thought was totally hilarious about The Confession was that Bendis spends about 18 pages trying to get the reader to think "oh, I guess Tony Stark isn't a total douchebag, he was trying to do the right thing" and then on the last couple pages, you have no choice but to totally loathe him all over again. But hey, I think making Iron Man the central villain of the Marvel Universe is the best idea Marvel or DC has had in two decades, so hey.

The Faulk said...

Son of a b...They're canceling Green Arrow? I didn't know that.

That was one of my guilty pleasure reads.

Jeff said...

"If only Bendis and Maleev did the whole Civil War thing instead."

Agreed. I'd normally have reservations about Maleev's art being right for a big event comic, but this new style he's using in The Confession is pretty great.

On Robin, Rachelle, I'd recommend that you pull it. Beechen and Williams turn in some great work, and I think that Robin is a seriously overlooked title right now. As for Teen Titans, it varies wildly in quality, but tends to be good more often than not. If you like Geoff Johns.

also, just to be gratuitous, 'superman with his balls hanging out'.

toonsNtunes said...

I would start buying superman if his balls were all hanging out. really any title with a dudes balls all hanging out.

and wouldn't wonderwoman's costume not only be a danger in her ta-ta's falling out, but alos for some serious cameltoe dangers?

Gloria said...

I just had to wince at the thought of running around with puppies of those size on me, unsecured. I have little boobs, and jumping around on stairs is already painful for me without proper support.

paperghost said...

all this talk of balls, booty calls and thongs is scaring me.

but while we're on the subject, what's your opinion of this?

rachelle said...

I'm glad you asked, paperghost.

Power Girl + Turner is a nightmare combination. I just hope there's an alternate cover of that, because I really, REALLY don't want to own that thing.

paperghost said...

"I just hope there's an alternate cover of that, because I really, REALLY don't want to own that thing."

Agreed. I'm still waiting for the eyes that rolled out of my head to roll back in again.

Er....the dog is typing this.

Mark Question said...

"You wouldn't draw Superman with his balls all hanging out."

I suppose that means you haven't read the last issue of Manhunter, have you? They're not quite hanging out, but close enough.. :)

As for Diana's costume, I think this is still a bit better than the 'wonder thong'. I still think that they should have Drew Johnson draw her again. He actually made a pint of depicting the costume as armor, like it's supposed to be. Plus, his Diana always seemed to have so much fun.

Jon Hex said...

How is Wonder Woman's costume supposed to be 'armor'? It's a gold plated eagle on top of spandex. Though I do wish she returned to the shorts because I like the visual. Almost as much as I like Supergirl's baggy sleeve costume.

Buy Robin, frequently. Teen Titans, egh, uh, urgh. It's getting bad, like Geoff Johns gave up.

I'm starting to believe Bendis hates Tony Stark. The way Iron Man was in both Mighty and New Avengers shows that Bendis thinks Stark's a douchebag.

jeremy said...

"Superman with his balls hanging out"

I think you've found a catchphrase, Rachelle.

I'm a new reader of your blog, and I'm totally digging it. Personally, I think you should buy Teen Titans AND Robin regularly. Tim is obviously the kid who will become Batman someday, just without all that brooding and stuff.

Oh, and that Michael Turner cover featuring Power Girl is wrong on all sorts of levels. If anything, it makes all comic book fans look bad if they buy it.

rachelle said...

Maybe I'll just change the name of the blog to Superman With His Balls Hanging Out. That should increase the hits, anyway.

Yeah. Maybe I will start reading Teen Titans. But I'll probably wait for the next stroy arc. I read a lot of the issues pre-Crisis, and they were good. I do like Geoff Johns. And I love that Tim Drake. He makes Dick look like a moron. Such a clever boy.

I just realized that I'm one month away from that issue of Supergirl that Mark Sable is writing that I promised I'd buy. Man, I hope it doesn't suck.

Mark Question said...

"How is Wonder Woman's costume supposed to be 'armor'?"
- Well, granted, Diana's classic bathing suit costume is a far cry from anything that you'd consider 'armor' in the real world, but during the Rucka/Johnson run on the title, both writer and artist go out of their way to depict it as such. The chestplate almost reaches up to Di's shoulders (as opposed to the 'modern' version) when drawn by Johnson and in WW #200, Rucka wrote a scene in which it deflects an attack by the Silver Swan's claws, that would've otherwise cut her (almost invulnerable) skin. Remember, that was back in the day when her belt covered almost half of her body, so if you consider the golden parts of the costume as made of a metal that is almost as durable as her bracelets ("Feminum", anyone?) but somehow much more flexible, than it could count as armor. And that's how I choose to read it, as opposed to "hey, we're a society of skilled warriors, old as the written word, so wouldn't it be a fabulous idea to clothe our best fighter in a one piece?"

Ben said...

Hey now, the Spartans wore even less . . .

rachelle said...

And how!

chrishaley said...

Great reviews.
Let me know if you figure out a way to decide on whether or not to buy Robin, because I feel like I'm in the exact same boat as you.. or on the exact same fence.

So Batman is your favorite character?