Thursday, March 29, 2007

You Don't Have To Be Sober To Love Bob Haney

Yeah, I'm not gonna lie to you. My band won four categories in the local Best of Music poll here in Halifax tonight. Soooo...I'm a little drunk. We won two awards for the totally awesome video that Ben Jeddrie made for us. You should check it out here: TOTALLY AWESOME!

It has super heroes in it.

But, drunk or not, Bob Haney Rules Week must continue. No matter how lazy.

I'm just gonna post this panel. You can decide for yourselves what it's about. I'll post something better tomorrow. Promise.


Michael Jones said...

Yay, first poster here and on your YouTube link! So is Superman turning tricks now? And they're now sharing dreams? Insaney Haney rules!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Superman turning tricks might also explain a few things about my dreams.

Stephanie said...

i can't believe you posted about bob "insaney" haney (good one michael jones) in the state you were in last night.

in other news: THE STOLEN MINKS RULE!!! suck it everybody else!


thedeadpenguin said...

Giant wolf-man totally got shivved! Excellent video. Between you guys and Jesse Dangerously, Halifax must have a freaking awesome music scene.

Jon Hex said...

I had this whole post planned where I would show that stall from Wonder Woman and tell you to stop vandalizing American public toilets, and now it's all ruined.

Thanks for being all relevant and up to date. Man!

Johnathan said...

Dude! congrats to you and to Ben!


rachelle said...

Jon Hex: Aw, I'm sorry. Yeah, that graffiti kinda grabbed my attention right away.