Sunday, April 22, 2007

100th Post Extravaganza!!!

It's my 100th post!

To celebrate, I invite you on a little tour of my favourite nerdy possessions! Follow me!

Here's a flower pot I painted and decoupaged myself a few years ago. I actually made a full set, but the Batman one is the only pot seeing any action these days. Next to it you see my Batman piggy bank. He reminds me that saving money is important, and not to spend it on foolish things. He is also empty and sitting on top of a shelf full of comic books.

This is my autographed picture of Mark McClure (Jimmy Olsen). Lots of people think it's an autographed picture of Christopher Reeve. Nope! Actually, one time I was showing my apartment when I was trying to sublet it and the girl asked if it was signed by "the real Superman." I had no idea what to say to that.

I made these picture frames myself. I went through a real crafty phase. It's over now.

Inflatable Superman!!!

Oh yes. He's awesome.

Here's a sketch of Batman that Darwyn Cooke did for me. It's, like, my favourite thing:

He also gave me this when I bought the Absolute Edition of New Frontier:

It's a sketch that ended up becoming this page:
I really like New Frontier. A quick glance around my apartment will tell you this.

I broke Green Arrow's bow, so I had to get a little creative with his posing. I think the "pulling-an-arrow-out-of-the-quiver" pose kinda works:

Bizarro crushed Hal Jordan's head!

Movie Batman and Movie Superman hang out:

It's the Superman that blows! Look at his face!

It's supposed to blow over a cardboard cut-out of Luthor, but it isn't even strong enough to do that. It blows all right, just not the way it's supposed to. Fortunately I bought it at the grocery store for $3.

Midnighter protects my hard drive. My Clark Kent trading card gives me something to look at while writing:

Clark and Lex are friends:

Lex is like "Look out, Clark! There's a big piece of kryptonite in front of you!" And Clark's like "I dropped my bookbag."

And Batman's like..."I'm on some stairs."

And R2D2 is like "I'm behind you, Batman!"

And Joe Sakic is like "I don't belong here." And Frank Miller Batman statue is like "I'm kind of an eyesore!"

I have some more little friends who hang out in my kitchen on a spice rack:

Yeah. That's weird.

Let's take another look at that inflatable Superman:


And finally...

...Cuddle Pillow Batman!!!

He's my best friend. He likes to watch Justice League episodes with me, and he never complains when I want to watch the Once and Future Thing episodes over and over again. He listens with interest to my complaints when I'm playing the Superman Returns video game, like "Why is this game so terrible?" "This is the least fun thing I have ever done," "Why does the Superman Returns game have dragons, robots and monsters?" or "So, have I beaten the game, or what? I don't understand."


Ok, so there is a point to all this. To celebrate my 100th post, and to thank all of the nice people who read my blog, I am going to have a little contest. I want you to email me pictures, or post them in your blog, of your favourite nerdy possession. I will arbitrarily select my favourite in, say, one week. Extra points will be given if items are:

- obscure
- homemade
- crappy bootlegs
- confusing
- adorable
- amazing

You can send your entries to rachellegoguen at gmail dot com, or, post in your blog and link in the comments. I'll post them all at the end of the week in my blog. It will be awesome.

Oh! And the prize! I have a copy of the new Oni Press book, Shenanigans. It was written by Ian Shaughnessy and illustrated by local art superstar and all-around nice guy, Mike Holmes. This guy is going places. I can probably get Mike to sign the book, too. (Mike? You wanna back me up on this?). I just read it and it's really fun. The art, really, is fantastic.

Honestly, big thanks to everyone who reads this blog. I love writing it so much. It's come a long way since my first post, when we saw Superman Walk the Dinosaur. Originally this blog was supposed to be authored by myself and a couple of my gal pals, but they totally dropped the ball. I know I don't always get back to everyone who comments, but I really do appreciate all the kind words.


HZD said...

100 posts? Already? Wow good going. As for all that stuff you got... that batman in front of R2D2 is amazing where can one get that?

Love the comic book art on the walls too, wish I had enough space on my walls to do that.

Also some comic book art would help.

ZC said...

You are amusingly nerdy (I love the very long New Frontier poster(s?) you have on one wall).


THAT'S what that goddamn Batman graphic novel is! I had a copy of it years ago, but lost it during one of my intermittent uberspringcleaning episodes and for the life of me could not remember the name!

And now I know!

(And it will probably take me six months and a trip through your blog's archives before I get another copy of it)

Son of Blog-El said...
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SallyP said...

Oh Darwyn Cooke is a GOD! I love the posters.

Action figures are fun, and poseable, which leads to more fun. I have all my Green Lanterns sitting on a shelf just above my drawing table, so that I can be inspired.

Heck, I've got an entire room just for comics and toys. It's a good thing that I have a big house.

And yes, I DO call it the Fortress of Solitude.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and keep it up. I recommend this blog to everyone I see at the comic shop. Your cult is growing.

--gxjjujil, myrnah's former darkstar

FoldedSoup said...

Hey, Congrats!

100 posts! With the exchange rate, that's like what, 115 American posts?!

Tiina said...

Aw, you and Batman are so cute! But you forgot to mention how you carry him around in one of those kangaroo-style baby carriers.

Rachel said...

The inflatable Superman is awesome indeed! My stuff isn't nearly as cool, but here ya go

Jon Hex said...

Oh my Jesus! I had that Untold Legend of the Batman book when I was like nine. Black and white Aparo and Bruce running around in his father's Halloween costume, AWESOME!!!!!! Now I have to tear up every inch of every house I have ever been in to find that book.

Caleb said...

I have a Batman Cuddle Buddy Too. It was a cruel Christmas present from my friends after I'd recently broke up with a girlfriend, given to me with lots of derisive laughter.

Congrats on your blogcentennial! Keep up the good work.

april said...

i, too, LOVE new frontier (probably my favorite series EVER, actually) and i have to say, you should probably be glad you live in canada because i might do terrible things to steal those pieces of original darwyn cooke art you have. i love him, i truly do.

also, your nerdy stuff is awesome. i love that you have superman and lex holding hands.

so, i'm not an avid reader of your blog (just linked here from my boyfriend's blog, actually) but if it isn't too late, i'd love to enter your contest of sorts...

my favorite nerdy possession has been conveniently posted on my latest blog entry because it's a gift (two actually) i recieved for my birthday a week ago. i couldn't decide which was my favorite, so you can choose which one gets entered.

rachelle said...

Thanks everyone!

I love seeing everybody's nerdy stuff. Nothing makes me happier than being in some random sketchy store and finding a truly bizarre piece of super hero merchandise. I got that inflatable Superman at a knock-off jewelry store in Niagara Falls.

HZD - I only have comic art that I get for free. Maybe someday I'll have the cash to buy pages at conventions like a big shot. For now I just, like, root through artists garbage cans.

ZC - Yeah. Untold Legend of the Batman. It's totally great. Batman goes so crazy in it! I'll have to do a post about it one of these days.

Son of blog-el: Ouch! Your poor wife! Meh. I always wonder why my boyfriend isn't more like Batman. He hardly fights crime at all.

sallyp: Darwyn Cooke is a total god. I will read whatever he draws/writes/touches. He comes into the store I work at fairly regularly, and I have to act all "yeah, cool, whatever. you're a totally normal guy and I don't worship you at all." It's hard.

gxjjujil: thanks! I always wanted a cult!

foldedsoup: yeah, i think the exchange is something like that. Er, no, wait. 100 posts would be 85 American posts.

Tiina: shut up.

Rachel: that is a mighty arsenal of stuff you have. I am jealous.

Jon Hex: there are so many parts of that book that rule. Yeah, that settles it. I'm doing a post about it. There are countless awesome panels happening in that thing. Batman's just so angry.

Caleb: Awww...well, at least you got a cuddly Batman out of the deal. My favourite thing about him is that he's, like, really trying hard to look like he hates being cuddled, but you can tell he kinda likes it.

April: Of course you can enter! I love everyone! I'm gonna go check out your blog now.

rachelle said...

Oh, and hzd:

That Batman figure, on the stairs, is based on the art of Kia Asamiya, who did that manga-style Batman book Child of Dreams. You can find them on the internet, like on ebay and stuff. My boss gave me that one because he is awesome.

april said...

haha! that is, by far, the best cake i think i've ever seen.

hooray for thoughtful boyfriends and kick-ass birthdays! hooray for nerdy possessions!

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely sign it if you want. Hell, I will draw a new book about you and Inflatable Superman & Body Pillow Batman (who I believe teamed up in the fifties) and your comfortable adventures together.


rachelle said...

Please pitch that to DC, Mike. It could be an Eisner-winning idea!

World's Comfiest: Absolute Edition has a nice ring to it.

Johnathan said...

I've totally seen your botfriend fight crime. He saved me from three heat-ray-toting bears!

And my fave nerd-thing is totally in my Blogger picture, which you probably know... because I keep telling you about it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 100th!

I didn't recognize you in S.A. I'll say hi next time I'm in, despite the Turner bashing on the blog, since you are consistent with your reviews unlike Dave/Frank Miller (just kidding).

I'm afraid I can't show any of my nerdy stuff as I am closet nerd.

Great work on the site.


Anonymous said...

Joe Sakic is never out of place. Anywhere.

Mark Question said...

You.. you have a Spice Rack of Justice!! That's the awesomest thing ever! I'm kind of in love with you now..
Also, three big cheers and all the best for your blogoversary. Here's to the next, like twelve hundred posts!

Elayne said...

Okie-doke, Rachelle, I'm done with my contribution at my blog...

chrishaley said...

I'm working on getting the pictures together for my entry... hopefully I won't be too late.

Grant said...

Man you have alot of cool stuff, why can't more girls be into comics and all that!? By the by, you are quite cute if I may say.

plok said...

Congratulations, Rachelle! Pity me, for I have no geeky knicknacks. A Yellow Submarine lighter. A deck of NHL Old-Timer playing cards I got from the Shopper's. Actually neither of those are really that geeky, um...are they?

Tell you what, I'll work on it. I'll have something by your 200th post, swear!

Jennifer said...

I made my geeky post!

As did my husband, who I end up forwarding half of your entries to...

Congrats on the 100 entries--or well more than by now!

Mina said...

Really, really late at this, but I'm a big fan of your blog, Rachelle. Thanks so much for making me laugh even when school is trying to suck my soul out my body!

I crave your cuddlebuddy Batman with ALL MY HEART. SO MUCH. I need oneeee!!!

Anyway, my haul would be much improved by a cuddlebuddy Batman. But lo, here it is anyway!

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Congrats on the 100th post. from the stuff you showed I'd say the best is the autographed picture, you can fool some people with that one.

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