Sunday, April 01, 2007

Best. Thing. Ever.

Oh but I wish I could. Had I access to a time machine, I would be there so fast. No moment in history could possibly be as great as this one. To see the world's greatest heroes in all their splendor...stunt waterskiing at Sea World!

Is there anyone out there who was lucky enough to witness this? I desperately want to know how awesome it was.


Brett said...

It was indeed everything you could imagine and more. See here for more.

rachelle said...

Awesome. I should have taken a moment to google search this, I suppose, but I got too excited.

Thanks for the link!

RAB said...

And the article where Brian found those photos is here.

Anonymous said...

"Uh, hey, guys? The Legion of Doom is turning everyone in Star City into gorillas. Maybe you want to quit waterskiing Okay, well, have fun, then."


Anthony said...

I have pictures of the show at my moms. It rocked. Especially when you are a nine year old which I was at the time

Travis said...

No I only got to see George Washington riding dolphins and whales in 1976 during the bicentennial. That was just as great as it sounds

SallyP said...

At least Wonder Woman and Robin are dressed for it.

Johnathan said...


a) a pretty creepy Joker mask.

b) a pretty lame Penguin.

c) a pretty hot Batgirl.

Anonymous said...

Unless they've got Aquaman jumping through fiery hoops, I'll pass.

Wait, BAREFOOT WATERSKIING?!? Suddenly, turning back the world to save Lois Lane takes a back seat.

-Mike H.

ryan_cf said...

I used to occasionally have images from the Sea World water ski show pop into my mind, but I thought I'd dreamed it or something. Somehow the pieces didn't fit. I never said anything to anyone as, hey... how do you bring that up?
"Remember the time we saw Batgirl on water ski's?"

But then I found photos at my folk's house of the Ohio Sea World's Superhero Waterski show and I quit worrying that I was quietly freaking out, having memories of a superhero ski pyramid. I can attest to the fact that, yes, the Superfriends were on skis. Even if at all seemed like such a beautiful, wonderful dream.

Ben said...

I love that ad! I once used it as reference for a drawing of Wonder Woman. She was drinking a soda. I never finished it.

Cinseek said...

I saw this show at Sea World on a school field trip in 1977. (God, I am old.)

Anyhow, it was horrificly bad and I realized that even at that tender young age but, goshdarnit, if I didn't get a little quiver when a makeshift JLA theme song ("We are the Justice League of America, we are the Justice Lee-eague!") was played over the loud speaker and they all appeared on water skis. Bizarre but fun.

I do remember thinking, though, that I hoped to God that the upcoming Superman movie would look better than this crazy shindig.