Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Spoiler-Free Mini-Review of Grindhouse

This movie was so awesome and fun. It has nothing to do with comics, but I just thought I should let you know.

It's totally violent and gross, but I'm sure you comic-lovin' types can handle it.

Feel free to discuss the movie in greater detail with me behind the spoiler-shield (the comment thread).


Caleb said...

It's the Star Wars of R-rated films. And by that I mean it made me excited in an eight-year-old at the movies kind of way. And I wanted to play videogames based on it. And wear pajamas with Cherry Darling on them. And play with action figures based on all the characeters, with an abandoned millitary base and J.T. barbecue playset and Death Proof car.

And if Rodriguez doesn't make "Machete" into a movie, I'll be crushed.

My only real complaint was that the two features shoulda been reversed. By the time Tarantino was redoing his diner scene from Res. Dogs, I was pretty sick of hot acresses who talk like Tarantino writes.

rachelle said...

Machete is being made by Rodriguez into a feature film. Possibly straight-to-video though.

Yeah, I totally agree on the flipping of the two films. I really wasn't feeling Death Proof for the first 20 minutes or half hour or so. Then it got really awesome. And it had the best ending in film history. Kurt Russell deserves an Oscar. As does the Sheriff in Planet Terror (Michael Biehn?).

Planet Terror completely ruled without fault.

Ben said...

My favourite part was when EVERYTHING.

jeremy said...

I doubt if they reversed the movies it would have worked as well - Death Proof was meticulously slow, and I'm pretty sure it was placed second because of that. If it had been placed first, half the audience would be pissed off and bored before Planet Terror started.

Clearly, Planet Terror was the better movie. I mean, any movie with a hot chick that has a machine gun for a leg already has an advantage over any film, but still, it was better even without it. I think.

rachelle said...

Planet Terror was amazing. And Death Proof won me over by the end. It was slow-going at first, but it really paid off.

Death Proof was way more disturbing, I found, despite being far less violent. It was really intense and I felt really scared in parts, where Planet Terror was just really hilarious.

Anonymous said...

How about some love for those trailers? THANKSGIVING blew my frigging mind, I can't stop re-watching it online and laughing my ass off. That creepy voiceover is so perfect. DON'T was also incredible--can't wait for the DVD so I can try and catch everything in it (according to Edgar Wright's MySpace, the voiceover was done by Will Arnett, which makes perfect sense in retrospect). Even though DEATH PROOF kinda wore out my patience, it was definitely a cinematic experience like no other.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, that was me.


Ted said...

How awesome was Edgar Wright's "DON'T!"? I'm almost more excited for that than I am for HOT FUZZ.

rachelle said...

"Don't" was fantastic and I am SO excited for Hot Fuzz.

Y'know, I really didn't think that I would want to see Grindhouse a second time because it's so long, but I kinda really do.

Spenzilla said...

Planet Terror was enjoyable, but nothing new really. Death Proof really made the whole experience for me. Yeah it was a bit slow starting, but it really picked up. I heard they cut both movies quite a bit for Grindhouse, so I am anxious to see the DVD. I also really want to see WareWolf women of the SS. Awesome stuff.


rachelle said...

That's interesting, Spencer. You're like the only person I've talked to who preferred Death Proof. I actually really liked it too. I think it was more authentic to the genre, where Planet Terror used a lot of high budget special effects. I want to see Death Proof again just for the incredible stunts.

However, I have been advising people who haven't seen the movie yet to schedule their bathroom break somewhere in the first 20 minutes of Death Proof. Definitely the least important part of either movie.

Jeff said...

I enjoyed Death Proof a lot, and didn't mind the slow pacing, but PT was definitely the more awesome film.