Friday, April 27, 2007

Random Bits of Awesomeness

Guess what I ate today?

Cookies baked by Steve Rude!

And yes, it was as awesome as it sounds.

Now for something important: I don't know what we, as a fandom, need to do to get DC to make this happen, but this comic, pitched by J. Bone, needs to happen. The name? DCU, as in DC University. You have to check it out at his blog. It would seriously be the greatest thing ever. I mean, look at this:

And now go look at his blog:


Alright. You guys check that out. I'm going to go back to reading a big pile of Jim Starlin Batman comics. Because nobody rocks a Friday night like me. I might turn it into a private drinking game. Every time Batman does anything AWESOME, drink! Man, I would be so drunk so fast. I mean...look at this:

Batman totally stuffed that guy into a wall...backwards! Look at him! And then Batman's all "So, anyway..."

God damn, I love Batman.


Jon Hex said...

Jesus, if there is anything I need to do before I die, it is knocking a guy backwards into drywall.

rachelle said...

I like to think it was cement.

Captain Infinity said...

In general I'm not a fan of the Batman...but holy crap that's awesome!

Johnathan said...

And Juan has that vibrant red skin that comic-book Latinos used to sport. You just don't see colouring like that any more.

Jon Hex said...

Wait, what was that about Steve Rude cookies?

rachelle said...

Yeah! Steve Rude sent cookies to the comic shop today to thank us for ordering the most copies of the Free Comic Book Day Nexus comic (at least, I think that's why he sent cookies).

When someone hands me a cookie baked by Steve Rude, I don't ask questions.

thedeadpenguin said...

Every time Batman does anything AWESOME, drink!

Man, if I weren't drunk already I'd so be doing this right now with a stack of Morrison's JLA...

How were the cookies?

SallyP said...

Mmmmm...Rude cookies. Oh, and the guy in the wall was pretty cool too.

Caleb said...

Were the cookies well-composed, with elegant design and an inhrent sense of dynamism?

(I don't even know if that's a word, actually).

And it took Batman twenty whole seconds to put that guy through the wall? Did he not have his coffe yet or what?

rachelle said...

They were the cookies of the future!

Yeah...I think Batman was drugged or something. Or maybe he beat the guy at chess then threw him into the wall in those 20 seconds.

april said...

man, chris showed me that dcu thing. i SO wish that would happen. i love those designs and the idea has so much POTENTIAL.

if dc had any brains at all, they'd realize what a great idea it'd be.