Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ditko vs Gobots

If I ever meet Steve Ditko (unlikely), these are what I am asking him to sign:

Oh, don't let the halfway decent cover art fool you. The art in these books is completely phoned in.

Look at them! They look like I drew them! When I was six! With my feet!

This is my favourite panel. This is how our three heroes meet Leader-1 for the first time:

He punches the little girl in the face through a window. I'm not sure if the kids are yelling "Help! Aliens!" or if that's what Leader-1 is saying. With his fist.

And here's the very next panel:

Those are some awkward proportions. The basic laws of physics would not allow that to happen. That kid in the orange jacket would basically have to be growing out of the mustache man's back. And the girl would have to have no legs.

Two panels later, the remarkably calm humans get a proper introduction:

"Yes, and I also have a few more questions for you to field: What the hell just happened? Am I high? and also, Could you please not punch us in the face again?"

God dammit! I expect quality in my Gobots super adventure books! I mean, by looking at this shoddy art one would get the impression that Ditko didn't care about this project. Almost as if he were only doing it for the money!

The joke's on you, Ditko collectors! You can't truly say your collection is complete until you own these fabulous volumes.


Jon Hex said...

I never realized how evil Leader-1 looks or how very lame his name is. Thank you, Ditko. Your shabby art has made me hate Gobots even more.

Anonymous said...

I had these as a kid, and never knew they were drawn by Ditko until now.

Skeleton Munroe said...

Seriously? Ditko? I totally owned these. Where's the love? Where's the wiry protagonist? Where's the Ayn Rand?

rachelle said...

Seriously Ditko. It makes me want to look into more children's books from the 80s to see who drew them.

Let's all go to Value Village!

SallyP said...

Ditko? For real? Well...I hope they paid him a lot.

Le Ted said...

Did you ever hear about how Ditko was once offered a whole bunch of titles at Marvel in the 70s and INSISTED that he do ROM: SPACE KNIGHT?

That suddenly makes a lot more sense. As does his resemblance to a robot . . .

Caleb said...

Bruce Timm drew some of my old He-Man comics that came with the figures. And they suck hard.

I remember the Gobots being kind of like the retarded Transformers, but I'd forgotten how retarded...even their comics suck worse than Transformers comics! They didn't even have a revival comic book this decade, like every other toy that was mildly popular 20 years ago!

I don't remember Crasher at all. Weird. Maybe cause she's a woman. Not to sound chauvinist, but I don't like female robots that turn into vehicles.