Friday, June 15, 2007

Let's Rap!

In 1970, DC got its two squarest heroes to convince kids to fill out a survey.

"Let's Rap!" says Superman, fooling no one.

You can jive talk all you want, Supes. It only makes you look older.

We dig, Superman.

"Groovy?" Take another hit, you hippy!

Anyway, let's see what "groovy" things kids can choose from.

Wait, I'm sorry. What was that?

Yup, wedged right in there between Pollution and Space Flights.

Also of note on that list, Sports - which one (with nowhere to write which one) and Astrology. Not astronomy. Astrology. I would like to read a comic that involves everything on that list. Black astrologists who fly into space to solve city and national problems like pollution. Also, they play sports and fall in love. And have hobbies. (Hobbies is so vague. I love it).

It's worth reading the rest of that survey too.


FoldedSoup said...

I'm fairly interested in Black People.

Caleb said...

Oh God, I hope that isn't the secret origin of Black Lightning...

According to one of my favorite Green Arrow panels ever (seen here:, GA is definitely interested in black people.

rachelle said...

The best thing about that GA moment is that he totally tokenized Black Lightning himself, then got mad at Barry for suggesting that he did so. And then Hal, the big idiot, takes Oliver's side.

Or maybe the lesson is that Barry is a big racist. I dunno.

Unknown said...

The moral of the story: No one wants to read about Mexican, which is, of course, why that wasn't even an issue.

Franklin said...

I am reminded of how badly stereotyped the ethnic characters were on the Super Friends.

Carl Walker said...

In response to the JLA tokenism debate, I think that both sides come off pretty badly. And when you think about, that sounds just about right if we're talking about mainstream racial discourse in that time period... whether or not the writers intended it to be read in that way! Thanks for the survey clipping Rachelle, it was priceless.

Elayne said...

Reminds me of that Firesign Theatre bit from their first album, where they posited a world heavily influenced by hippie culture:

"Hey, dig that spade."

"Yeah, he's groovy."

"All spades are groovy."

Yep, from back when "spade" was a NON-derogatory term for "black person."

SallyP said... Eskimos? *sigh*

Hey Rachelle, I've got my five questions for you! (Thanks to Ami and Kalinara)

1...Who is your favorite Robin, and why?

2...If you could have Alfred for the day, what would you do? (again, stolen from Kalinara because I love it)

3...What would be your first choice of character or book to be tackled by Darwynn Cooke?

4. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie-pop?

5...Best Hunk of the Week. Please go into lurid and loving detail.

rachelle said...

Sweet! Questions!

1. Tim Drake is my favourite Robin. I like him because he's clearly going to be smarter than Batman, and possibly an even better detective and fighter. The kid is awesome. Dick grew up to be something of an idiot, and Jason, well...perhaps we were richer for having lost him. I liked Stephanie Brown in theory, but she was so poorly handled that I choose to forget about her.

2. I liked you answer for this one, about getting him to dish out the Bat gossip. Maybe I'd take him to an amusement park. That would be fun.

3. Oh man. You mean that he hasn't done already? I would love to see what he'd do with the Legion of Super Heroes.

4. I am trying to come up with a sexy answer for this, and all I've got is "come over here and find out." And that doesn't really make any sense.

5. Oh, but I love all the hunks. I mean, obviously I didn't even begin to scratch the surface of how much I love Batman in his profile. That guy is just...*swoon*. I don't know what it is about Batman. All other characters are...fine...but Batman is just perfect. I just love that he has no powers, but he is able to intimidate the hell out of a bunch of heroes who do. It's all about respect.
I really enjoyed rating Ted Kord, though. Man I miss that guy.


Art Williams said...

I think your answer to number four was just fine, my dear.

Anonymous said...


Derek said...

In regards to the survey, "e. From a friend (or an enemy)".

I wish my enemies gave me comics.

Of course, if they did, I'd probably end up with a dozen copies of Anita Blake and All-Star Batman and Robin every week...

Roger Owen Green said...

even then "spade" was a derogatory term for black people:

Kevin T. Johns, writing coach said...

>>I would like to read a comic that involves everything on that list.

It exists. It's called Promethea!

Cordelia's Wristwatch said...

Over a decade later, and the only item on that list that is no longer relevant is Romance.