Thursday, June 07, 2007

This Week's Haul: Batman's Magical Mystery

Sorry this week's is a little late. I had a lot of stuff to read. I don't have time to review everything, so I'll just say that Jonah Hex, Scalped, and The Initiative were all really good. I haven't gotten to the Simpsons Summer Shindig yet.

Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane #19

Everything is always a little bit better whenever a new issue of Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane comes out.

Look at how cute!!!:

Ok, so in this issue it becomes clear that Flash has some personal problems because he's tired all the time. Harry continues to be a pretty big jerk. And MJ helps both Flash and Spider-Man, because she is awesome.

But what I love is that she does it on her own time. This scene, where she politely declines Spider-Man's request for her to listen to his problems, is fantastic:

Yeah! When Spider-Man says 'jump,' MJ says 'maybe later.' I love it!

Eventually they do meet to talk about Spidey's girl troubles. He's conflicted because Firestar wants them to reveal their identities to each other. It's a thinly-veiled euphemism for 'going all the way.'

The tension is killing me!!!

Detective Comics #833

Well this was exciting! Lots of fun with a twist ending that I won't give away. I really haven't liked Kramer's art on this entire run, but I thought this issue looked really good.

I like stories that pair up Batman and Zatanna because magic makes him so uncomfortable. I thought the back story about them as kids was cute.

Lately their relationship has been made more interesting after the whole mind-wiping incident in Identity Crisis. I am hoping that after this two-part story the bad blood between them will be resolved.
The All-New Atom #12

I laughed out loud so many times while reading this. Starting with the first page:

Gail Simone rules. I love Ryan Choi so much. I love the quotes that pop up throughout every issue (including one by Brian Posehn in this one!). I love everything that Ryan says and everything he thinks.

I love the supporting characters, especially the floating head that is now his roommate.

People that aren't reading this are missing out. It is hilarious.

Nightwing #133

Beautiful cover by Ryan Sook.

Inside we had a whole lot of Dick being dumb. Y'know, everyone gives Hal a hard time for being kinda stupid and always thinking with his crotch, but I would argue that Nightwing is worse.

In this issue he meets up with an old flame, and pretty much loses his mind. I mean, seriously. We get pages and pages of this thought process:

I want to remind you that this is abridged. There were seriously pages of this, ending with this one:
"I like pie."

Dick, you're an idiot. This weakness for females is a serious handicap. I can't even imagine. Like, I like cheeseburgers, but I'm not all Don't eat it. It will crush you, just like before. Smells so good. Meat. Meat and cheese. It smells like meat and cheese. Don't eat it.

Pull yourself together, Dick.

Midnighter #8


This issue starts with Midnighter being his usual badass self, killing a dude in a horrible, horrible way. Which leads to this very funny panel:

Hawksmoor decides that Midnighter needs to work on his human relation skills. He wants Midinghter to try helping an ordinary citizen with an ordinary problem.


He does find her cat, after what turns out to be a fairly Midnighter-ish adventure involving a mad scientist who is turning housepets into bionic super-pets. We get this adorable scene at the end:
This very fun issue was written by Christos Gage, and the artwork, by John Paul Leon, was really nice. I like the Midnighter comics because the character is almost a blank slate. Creators can kind of go crazy coming up with things for him to do.

Justice League Unlimited #34

Do you know what I like about the JLU comics? This:

Blue Beetle! Hanging with Booster! All the characters are here in soothing, uncomplicated forms.
I always check out the JLU comic every month, and some are more interesting than others. This was a good one. It involved Superman confronting Zod in the Phantom Zone. And it ended with this, which you won't find at the end of any other comic:

They made a banner!!!

Man, that gang is so cute.

Countdown Week 47

Sean McKeever steps up to the plate this time, and I thought the results were far better than any previous issue of Countdown. I haven't been hating the series as much as a lot of people, but I am aware that it's a bit of a letdown after 52.

There were some really interesting and fun moments in this issue, like the business with Black Adam giving Mary his powers:


And I LOVED the conversation between Pied Piper and The Trickster.

I find these two so charming. That's just some well-written dialogue. I'm excited that McKeever has joined team DC.

Supergirl #18


I have no idea what's going on here, but I know I don't like it.


Well, at least I agreed with one thing:

Birds of Prey #107

Alright. Let's see what it's like when women fight each other and it doesn't suck.


Things actually ended pretty nicely for most of the Birds of Prey/Secret Six battles. Huntress and Catman went back to flirting:

Barda and Knockout called a truce and shook hands as a display of mutual respect:

Ice was back to normal, all sweet and nice and alive:

And Deadshot is still awesome:

Superman #663

This issue was clearly supposed to have come out before last week's Countdown, and before Lightray's death. They cover it up with one of those little "This story occurs prior to Countdown #48" boxes. But let's not quibble over scheduling problems. Let's instead focus on how awesome it is watching Superman use his teeth to rope up a bunch of meddling kids with heavy cable:

I don't know if I've ever seen Superman carry anything in his mouth before. Huh. Neat.

In this issue Superman is still troubled by the prophecy handed to him by Arion: that the presence of himself and other aliens was going to lead to the ultimate destruction of the human race. While he broods over this, a bunch of pesky kids from New Genesis are creating chaos all over Metropolis. It's kinda funny.

Lightray tells Superman to take the night off, promising that he'll make sure the kids clean up their mess. Supes reluctantly agrees and takes Lois to Maine, which is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, he can't stop thinking about that damn prophecy, and about how Arion has told him that he has to stop being Superman.

Man, how late do the antique shops stay open in Maine?

So that was Lois' opinion. Supes also gets one from an oddly-dressed Lana:

I was into that. The other options for a man with Superman's powers, if he has to quit the hero game.

I was also into how beautiful Pacheco's art is:




Rex Libris said...

Like, I like cheeseburgers, but I'm not all Don't eat it. It will crush you, just like before. Smells so good. Meat. Meat and cheese. It smells like meat and cheese. Don't eat it.

I was like that yesterday.

Mmmmm. Cheeseburger. Meat... cheese... add the catsup. A little mustard. Don't eat it, Roy. It's bad for you... but it tastes so good...Don't...don't...

SallyP said...

It's true. Nightwing is an idiot. Hal may think with his loins, but he moves ON for heaven's sake. So she broke his heart before, we GET it. Sheesh.

I must get JLU. I can't believe that I missed Beetle and Booster happiness.

And Birds of Prey was just fantastic. There had darned well better be a reunion with Fire and Guy, or I'll...I'll be very put out.

Caleb said...

I skipped JLU because I can only take Superman fighting Zod so many times a decade, but those panels you posted look good. How was the Blue and Gold to Zod and Supes ratio?

And I love that last panel, wherein The Creeper surprises Superman by doing a handstand to show him his crotch or whatever he's doing.

JohnF said...

Maybe Lana has a lot of meetings with Japanese businessmen, so she dresses accordingly, and has a Zen garden on her patio.
Um, so "SHAZAM" works again?

rachelle said...

Yeeaahhh...I'm giving DC the benefit of the doubt and am assuming that the whole Shazam! thing will be explained at some point, and isn't just a massive continuity error.

But I've been wrong to do so before.

Johnathan said...

Aw, Man.
That Atom series looks really good.

Oh, well. Not like I need the money or anything.

Batmanisgrim said...

Detective was great and that twist so good. Kramer's art has been really good,I thought.

I have complete faith in Countdown because In Dini I trust.

For me, issues of JLU and Teen Titans Go aren't fully done until you read the letters column.

They should do away with the box telling me that a issue happens before an event/particular issue because I think I can figure it out.

It was a great Gail Simone week.

Anonymous said...

I think it was kinda established in 52 that Jeff Smith's Shazam takes place in an alternate Fawcett universe where few mainstream DC characters make thier way to. We might see Bulleteer too... yay! And a cute Black Adam!

paperghost said...

The Shazam thing: Black Adam had his powers removed and Captain Marvel changed his password to "something he'd never think of".

The password was "sorry" ;)

...I should add, if I'm right then that's quite literally the stupidest thing ever.

rachelle said...

A group of us were hoping that Captain Marvel changed the magic word to 'penis,' just because Adam would be at the same time glad that he figured out the word, but horrified that he would now have to yell 'penis' every time he wanted to power up.

paperghost said...

If I had to pick something naughty for him to yell out, I'd have gone for Lovepump.

Unknown said...

Is it just me, or did the art in the Supergirl vs Supergirl fight have a Celebrity Death Match feel to it?

And I'd been hoping Black Adam's new word was L33T.

Viagra said...

The Nightwing cover looks awesome, I wonder if there's where they got the idea for Spiderman's 3 promo with spierman facing a building glass and hesees himself in the black suit