Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rating The Super Hunks #17: Connor Hawke

Oliver Queen has been kidnapped, and now Black Canary has teamed up with the young, sexy Connor Hawke to find him. For my money, Dinah has traded up. Ollie scored a respectable 29 on the Hunk-o-metre. Let's see how his son does.

Connor Hawke, aka Green Arrow II

Costume/Appearance: Connor's costume is nice. Really nice. The forest green and the dark brown really looks nice together. His costume also kinda of makes him look like a Ninja Turtle.
Unlike his father's sleeveless, overly-macho Arrow get-up, Connor covers himself up, but comes off looking like the hunkier arrow.

Little details like long tails on his domino mask reflect his half-Asian heritage.

One big gold cuff on his bow-holding arm, and big gold bands around his legs really make the outfit look cool, without being too flashy. The brown hood looks great.

As far as appearance goes, Connor changes depending on who's drawing him. He's supposed to have at least partially-Asian, partially African features from his mother, and blonde hair from his father. When drawn and coloured correctly, he has a dark complexion which offsets the blonde hair. It's hot.

But even when he looks like an Aryan poster child, he's looking pretty good. And I appreciate his clean-cut, clean-shaven look.

The guy is foxy. And a good dresser. You can't fault him in this category at all.


Personality: One thing Connor is not is a jerk. This is the nicest guy in the world. Too nice, really. He's...gentle.

He likes books and meditation and vegan food. He doesn't drink or party or have any vices.

He won't get drunk with you, but he will make you a big pancake breakfast the morning after.

Since Mia brought it up, let's talk about that. Connor has little-to-no experience with women. He was raised in a remote Monestary, devoid of any women whatsoever. More than that, he seems to have very little interest in women. It has people asking questions.

So of course the gentle, tidy, super-hot athletic guy who doesn't seem to be interested in girls has people thinking that maybe he just might be gay.

No, Connor. It's because you're too good to be true. Even Roy thinks so:

Hmmm...maybe it isn't Connor's sexuality we should be focusing on.

So Connor has a lot going for him, personality-wise. But the inability to cut loose and have a good time would get on my nerves.


Day-Job: Connor is a Buddhist Monk. Not really sexy, except for the naughtiness factor. Which is high.


Sexiness of Powers: As with all members of the Arrow family, Connor has no super powers. But he does kick ass with a bow.

He doesn't need trick arrows, he just rocks the old-school bow and arrows. He's also a great fighter. I'll always give high marks to someone who kicks ass without powers.


Cons: Religion + Veganism = someone I probably won't be able to talk to for very long.

- 2

Final Score: 34/40

Eat it, Ollie! Eat it hard! Your son is hotter than you! I don't care if they never find your kidnapped ass!

Call me, Connor!


Reynolds said...

Don't forget Conner fought Lady Shiva to a standstill. That makes him one of best martial arts fighters in the world. That even made Nightwing and Robin say "Daaaaamn." The best part was that Conner didn't even seem to care. That has got to be sexy.

SallyP said...

Oh my God, it's true. Conner IS hotter than Ollie! And he's just such a sweetie-pie!

Personally, I like him the best when he is portrayed as having the darker skin, and the blonde hair. Oh, and he's even polite, and probably makes very good tea, and will even put his own dirty socks in the hamper. What's not to like?

Elayne said...

I thought for sure you'd have some of the Connor stuff that my husband inked. Now I'm bummed. :)

Here's one that proves the ladies love him!

Skeleton Munroe said...

I really like the issue of JLA in which he was stuck with his father's old trick arrows and had no idea how to use them, then totally nailed someone with the boxing glove arrow at the end of the whole affair.

Chance said...

Hilarious, Rachelle!

Anonymous said...

hya, what comic are those panels with roy and connor in the strip club from?
kinda wanna read about those two having a boys night out.


rachelle said...

You will find those panels in Green Arrow #32 of the most recent series. It has a sweet Brian Bolland cover.

Nikki said...

I love connor but don't you think that it is kinda weird that one minute he's dark skin and the next he's white. I guess that shows how subjective comics are. Well a great idea for your superhero of the week I think would be Roy Harper/Red Arrow.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I agree with Nikki, I wanna see where Roy Harper/Speety/Arsenal/Red Arrow ranks on the hunkometer.
maybe that's too many archers?

How about heroes like Carter Hall/Hawkman? Or Mr Terrific?

jessi said...

connor is a top-notch super hunk in my book !! mm-mmmm

Anonymous said...

Except when they whitewash him (because they're just isn't enough straight white male superheroes), he is hot. Really really really really REALLY hot. I think me and him would get along well, especially pre-Kevin-Smith-Connor-is-100%-striaght.

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Conner is a better Green Arrow than the original. It had to be said, He has more style to fight than Ollie. Am sorry but is the truth.

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