Monday, June 18, 2007

Solicitation Mania!

New DC Fall Solicitations!

Let's have a looksee:

Who in hell is going to buy the Batman Confidential hardcover?

I don't even know anyone who is buying the issues.

Hey, look what's gonna be a poster!

A little something to spruce up the ol' steam room. (I wish I had a steam room).

On the flip side, this is going to be a poster:

Batman can punch you in the face every single night before bed, and every morning when you wake up!

Awesome covers ahead:

This one, for Superman Confidential #8, is so beautiful that I want to cry. It also makes me really happy about the future of this comic:

Here's another beauty (The Spirit #10):

Here is what they are saying about Aquaman #56:

Further revelations abound concerning the murky past of the new Aquaman as he steps forward to embrace his future. He’d better get used to people calling him “Aquaman,” because it seems he’ll be around for a long time in the DCU! Find out why in this issue!

You've got my attention, DC.

More McGuinness-inspired Superman/Batman figures. Composite Superman/Batman!!! (My ideal husband):

There's a lot of awesome ahead from DC, it looks like (and I don't mean those action figures above). I am especially excited about the amount of work that J. Torres is going to be getting. Having him write a new Wonder Girl mini-series? Brilliant!

Oh, and this is weird:

Written by Ron Marz
Art by Paco Herrera
Cover by Arthur Adams
The Search for Ray Palmer truly kicks into high gear, as Kyle Rayner, Donna Troy and Jason Todd scour the Multiverse for the former Atom, who just might hold the key to saving reality from a crisis of unparalleled proportions. The trio's first stop: the Wildstorm Universe, where they come face-to-face with an entirely different -- and entirely more lethal -- brand of heroes. Wildstorm's finest are all here, including The Authority and Gen13, and they don't prepare a warm welcome for their visitors! The tour of the new DC Multiverse begins here!

Wildstorm Universe, eh? Huh.


Sprig said...

Batman Confidential (first arc) was the worst comic I can ever remember paying money for. I saw the HC solicitation and was like "Are they freaking serious?" There was nothing to like about that series - it's an embarrassment to comics.

Does Diggle write anything good, or should I just avoid all books with his name on them? (If you are reading this Andy - sorry for the harsh words, but that story was... not good). The artwork was also really bad.

Hey, while I'm here... I love reading your blog. Good stuff!

Michael Rawdon said...

If you're a fan of the Composite Superman, you should seek out World's Finest (first series) #283-284, in which the Legion shows up to take on ol' C.S. It's pretty cheesy stuff (made more so by the presence of George Tuska's artwork), but if you're a fan of the big guy, then you shouldn't be put off by mere cheese.

rachelle said...

Sprig - The Losers, by Andy Diggle, is actually really good. Which is why Batman Confidential is even more of a crushing disappointment.

I am looking forward to Green Arrow: Year One. I like to think that B.C. was just a slip. Plus, the next arc (not by Diggle) looks possibly even worse. I wouldn't give up on Diggle just yet.

Caleb said...

Actually, I liked everything Diggle's wrote (that I read) before that Batman story, which is why it confused me so much. LIke Rachelle said, Losers is good. So was his Swamp Thing (well, for non-Moore Swamp Thing, anyway) and his Adam Strange mini.

paperghost said...

I love the Nightwing poster thingy. The reflections in the windows are a great, subtle touch and its somewhat more inventive than the usual image / poster / whatever.

Its a pity Nightwing sucks, but I guess you can't have everything.

Scott said...

I think Batman: Classified is coming out in hardcover because DC seals their hardcovers in cling-wrap so a casual browser can't oepn the book and flip through the pages.

I bought the Detective 27 hardcover before opening it and realizing that it was a horrible waste of time. I don't think it ever came out in paperback, because it was so bad that no one who'd been allowed to flip through the pages would have bought it.

Reno Dakota said...

Yeah, Diggle's usually excellent; along with The Losers and Adam Strange (both of which are a blast), the few issues of Hellblazer he's penned have been great.

rachelle said...

I will second Detective 27 being a giant waste of time. Man that book sucks.

chrishaley said...

The Christopher Reeve-ness of that Superman cover inspires feelings of overwhelming happiness in me.

John Foley said...

I bought the first issue of Batman: Confidential and it was so terrible that I returned it to the comic shop. I've never returned anything before or since, but that one had to go back. I didn't even ask for my money back. I just wanted it out of my house.

rachelle said...

I think it's the only Batman title I've ever stopped buying after one issue.

Sprig said...

Ok, I'll give The Losers a try. But I'm not touching Green Arrow unless it gets a good recommendation from someone I trust first. I have a bad habit of completing an arc once I've bought one issue, regardless of quality.