Friday, May 04, 2007

Free Comic Book Day is Tomorrow!!!

Here's what the store that I'm lucky enough to work for is doing:

Now that's an all-star line-up if I ever saw one. I can't believe I get to meet Owly!!! Er, I mean...Andy Runton! I'll take lots of pictures.

I gotta run to work and move boxes of comics to Saint David's Hall. Later...more previews. For real!

Also...Spider-Man 3 is SO GREAT! I hate Venom in general, but I was comforted by the fact that you can kinda tell that Sam Raimi does too. Spider-Man!

I'm so very tired right now.


Mike Holmes said...

Spider-Man 3 was easily the most entertaining of the three - although there were a couple of poor decisions in the third act, I hadn't laughed so much with either of the first two, and the effects went from impressive to amazing. I just ran into someone who called it "a wonderful mess". It's a good description, if a little too negative.

Like you said, anyone who doesn't like the dark Spidey sequences is someone I don't care to know.

Anonymous said...

I think "a wonderful mess" is pretty accurate. I had a lot of fun watching Emo Peter strutting down the street (pelvic thrust! Woo yeah!). And the French waiter! Oh my goodness he cracked me up. All the side/secondary characters were really fun.

Jon Hex said...

The final fight was brilliant because it showed superhero fighting unlike anything before. In FF and X-Men, it was always "you do that, then I'll do this" and in S3 there's real teamwork.

By the way, I sent an e-mail but my service is lazy and won't tell me if it went through.