Thursday, May 31, 2007

This Week's Haul: So This is What it Sounds Like...When A GOD DIES!

Two weeks in a row my comics were delayed until Thursday. I can understand last week, because it was a Canadian holiday. But this week it was just a dumb American holiday and they held back on releasing the comics on Wednesday here just to be fair. Horrible!

Anyway, the agonizing wait is over. And it was worth it because there was a lot of fun between the covers this week.

Countdown Week 48

So...who doesn't know about Jason Todd's identity?

Like...this is concerning me. Bruce should really put a lid on this thing because it won't take a genius to figure out who Batman is if the whole world knows that Jason is an ex-dead ex-Robin. Jason's hero name seems to be Jason Todd, because more people seem to be calling him that than anything else.

Hey, look at what Jimmy can do!


Karate Kid says something that you will never hear outside of a comic book:

And Lightray dies, causing Superman to speak in fonts:

That cracked me up. It probably wasn't supposed to.

Amazons Attack #2

Oh, those pesky Amazons.

Once again, the Amazons are HARDCORE:


I'm liking this, because Will Pfeifer and Pete Woods is a solid combination. And look at this thing:

There are battles, and then there are BATTLES. This, my friends, is as awesome-looking as an attack gets.

My boy Batman gets a starring role in this one. This is fun:

Oh, I have been waiting my whole life for someone to say that to me.

As much as I love me some Batman, I was kind of sad for Black Canary. I mean, who exactly is in charge here?!

Come on, Dinah! You're supposed to be the chairperson! Tell Batman to shut up!

Daredevil #97

I am finally caught up on this series. And what the hell took me so long?! It's FANTASTIC. I mean, obviously. You team up Brubaker and Lark and the results are always so good they actually frighten me a little. I mean, even if I didn't already think so, this series alone would tell me that Brubaker is the best writer in comics today. But he also happens to be writing, and has written, a whole bunch of totally amazing comics.

I mean, there are a lot of great writers working in comics right now, but Brubaker writes comics that I feel I can lend to anyone, whether they normally read comics or not, and they will not only love them, but they will understand them. His writing is very straightforward and engaging, and avoids getting tangled up in obscure references or overly complicated casts of characters.

Sometimes I'll just stare at one panel, re-reading the dialog and staring at the art forever. It's just so good. Daredevil is my new boyfriend. I mean, check this out:

Yeah. That's hot.

This was pretty surprising:

I hope Brubaker and Lark are doing the next 200 issues of Daredevil. And then Brubaker should write a new Daredevil movie that doesn't suck.

Blue Beetle #15

J. Torres!!!!

Superman was a really busy guy this week. He shows up in Hawkgirl, Countdown, Amazons Attack, and this as well as starring in a giant-size issue of Action Comics. It's a toss-up between this comic and Hawkgirl for most adorable cameo, but this was decidedly more entertaining.

I mean, first of all there's this page:

I just love the way he's holding both of those guys. Also, Livewire rules.

It gets really funny at the end because there's this whole Very Special Episode-style conversation between Blue Beetle and Superman:

That's just so...funny. "Go on, son. I'm listening." And then the sage advice and the whole "You did the right thing." "Thanks, Superman." exchange was just so delightfully wholesome. Superman!

And the art, by Freddie Williams II, was great too. Check out this facial expression:

I love this series.

Green Lantern #20

Everyone's favourite piece of meat is back in action this week. He's still dealing with that obnoxious Star Sapphire.

Hal does what he always does when faced with a problem. He makes out with it.

Pretty clever, Hal. When in doubt, make out.

This is what I like about Green Lantern comics. I'm just sayin', you're not going to see that in a Batman comic.

I love the art on this run. Everyone is all great-looking.

I like Cowgirl. But it doesn't look good for her, because guess what Hal just found out about Carol:

"Divorce?! That's my favourite word!"

Oh, Hal.

Justice Society of America #6

More Geoff Johns goodness!

"Insane? Wait, who are you again?"

Oh Starman. I love your crazy ass:

Aaaand I loved this:

Hee! I am really enjoying this Kingdom Come Earth development. I guess that what we are really learning is that all of the Elseworlds actually exist in the multiverse. It's fun.

And this was fun:

What about Black Lightning? He's cool! And he's standing right there! What wouldn't Diana like about a gold medalist decathelete?

Lovin' this cross-over. Get to the part where Barry Allan comes back!!!

Teen Titans # 47

I'll be honest. I only half-understood what was going on here. I'm making an effort to get to know the Titans but they are so damn confusing.

I did understand this though:

Robins! Ooodles of Robins!

Lordy those three boys all look the same. It's like Bruce has them manufactured or something.

Well, that was unnecessary, Tim. I expected better from you.

Action Comics #850

Now THIS was adorable!

A celebratory 850th issue of Action Comics that looks back at Superman's history via the Legion of Superheroes teaching Kara about her cousin. It's very clever and fun. And it's beautifully drawn by my new favourite person, Renato Guedes.

So, yeah. Brainiac 5 is testing out his new invention, the Chronexus, which allows people to view any point in time. He decides to use it to show Kara Superman's past. But first he has to find the correct past (read: the current origin and continuity for Superman; read: Birthright), which is fun. It takes him a few tries, which means we get awesome pages like this:

Everything is good about that page. "That hair! No."

Eventually Brainiac finds the right Superman and we follow him from birth on Krypton to present in a series of vignettes with snappy Legion commentary. And there are some really awesome and cute scenes, like this one after Clark's debut as Superman:

"Ah!" So cute.

His first date with Lois:

His first Justice League mission:

Barry! You're killing me! Look at his posture!

And here's a heartbreaking scene where Clark and Lois are talking about children:



Charlie Anders said...

Ha... "Speaking in fonts" is now my favorite phrase. Don't mess me with me, or I'll be forced to speak in fonts!!

Caleb said...

I tried reading Superman's countdown scream out loud a few times, and I couldn't crack it. There's no exclamtion point, but it is in scram-y explosion bubble and in huge red letters. Weird way to end a sentence though.

I think Canary's only in charge of the League when she's holding the gavel. Otherwise, Batman's in charge (Because he's Batman).

paperghost said...

Countdown: even more officially awful than it was last week. And that takes some doing.

Johnathan said...

It's definitely suffering from "too much story in too little space" syndrome. It's not that bad, though. Just not as good as 52.

Plus they seem to be gearing up to kill a bunch of minor characters, which is never fun.

Engage said...

I picked up the Blue Beetle after your positive reviews and I'm totally on board. Superman was using another seldom used power: super-public service announcement.

And I agree with you. Delaying the books for Queen Victoria's birthday just makes sense. But for a holiday that doesn't involve the monarchy its just unacceptable.

Finally, the best thing about the JLA/JSA crossover is the logos they give every character when they're introduced. Now if they want to give Damage his own book we can look forward to that rocky logo!

Caleb said...

Engage (and everyone),

Did you notice the only person to NOT have their own little logo was Sandman/Sandy Hawkins? I thought that was weird. I undestand there was some kinda behind the scenes resistance to calling him Sandman due to the Vertigo Sandman being a more valuable property (which is why he went by "Sand" for so long), but it kinda stuck out by not giving him his own logo.

Anonymous said...

Lordy those three boys all look the same. It's like Bruce has them manufactured or something.

The real reason that Stephanie Brown had to die was because she didn't match.


Scott said...

"I think Canary's only in charge of the League when she's holding the gavel. Otherwise, Batman's in charge (Because he's Batman)."

Even when Superman was Chairman, Batman openly challenged Superman to see what happened should Superman give him an order. Black Canary knows that smacking Batman down (metaphorically or otherwise)will only make him more creepy/mopey.

John Foley said...

Geo-Force needs to zip his lip.

Derek said...

"Robins! Ooodles of Robins!"

I think they're called a "gaggle" of Robins.

Seriously, though, I was a little disappointed with this week's Blue Beetle. Nothing really happened.

Okay, sure, it was a guest writer and all, but I expected more from Jamie's first meeting with Supes, especially if Superman doesn't yet know that the Reach are actually evil.

Maybe next issue? I can only hope.

Johnathan said...

It's actually an Exclamation of Robins.

rachelle said...

Caleb - I didn't notice that about Sandman. But now that you mention it...weird...

As for Geo Force, I was just really glad that he called Superman 'Superman' and not 'Clark.' He has not earned that right yet. Or ever.

Jon Hex said... AQUA-JIMMY!!!

FoldedSoup said...

Turtle Boy is only a few issues away in Countdown.

You know it's true.

Ragnell said...


*jumps up and down in fangirly glee*

Jennifer said...

Oh my God, that Action Comic. I must have it. "Plenty of rubble to go around."

And Clark in the chair in his Smallville jacket. That art is so lovely.

The Faulk said...

I love that huge line of drool coming off Hal's lips when he finishes that kiss.

Green Lanterns don't do anything half way. Especially making out.

SallyP said...

Lesson One...Hal Jordan will kiss ANYBODY! That's just how Hal rolls.

Lesson Two...Don't piss off Tim Drake.

Lesson Three...Batman only is interested in black-haired, blue-eyed orphans. Redheads and blondes need not apply. Also he's still a dick. Black Canary should whack him in the head with her gavel.

Lesson Four...Gosh, but Jaime is just adorable.

Lesson Five...Comics are fun.

rachelle said...

Class dismissed.

John Foley said...

You're just now finding out about how good Daredevil is? For shame. It's very, very good. The only nitpick I could have is that I think Michael Lark's pencils would look better with some tighter inking. But that's really about it.
Somebody should tell Liberty Belle that her costume looks ridiculous. And why would WW walk through swampy muck in her undies like that when she can fly? Feet would never have to touch the ground.

Jon Hex said...

Hal Jordan - Saving the world with sexual harassment.

rachelle said...

Hey, the Star Sapphire started it.

Thomas said...

Woah, sista! You best be backin' off.

Daredevil is my boyfriend, and don't you even be thinkin' you be al' a dat, cause you aint.

rachelle said...

Oh no you did-n't.

We'll settle this on Springer. Best of three.

Anonymous said...

I think Batman artificially inseminates women and tracks them until they give birth. Once the kid is a boy with black hair and blue eyes - he gets them. He's Batman after all.