Saturday, May 26, 2007

Superman's Sexy Jungle Adventures

If ever you are trapped in the jungle with someone, make sure it's Superman. Even without his powers. And you should try not being a total bitch.

No, Superman. She doesn't.

I'm not saying that Superman doesn't deserve Lois's crap. I mean, he's dealt out more than his fair share. And I do appreciate that Lois has no problem talking smack to Superman. At one point in this comic I thought that Superman wasn't going to take it anymore:

It turned out to not be as dark a moment as it seemed. Superman merely wanted to build a nice shelter for her.

Dude, that is pretty impressive. And how much do I love that he stripped half naked so he could give Lois his cape and shirt?

A lot.

This is where things get sexy:

Seriously, folks. It does not get hotter than that. That's steamy stuff for 1964. And did you know that Kryptonians don't have nipples?

But wait! There's more! Watch and marvel as our shirtless and freshly-shaved hero battles a poisonous snake!

What a man, indeed!

Take that, snake! You thought you were gonna take a bite out of Superman, but instead...KRRUNCH! I hope you like milkshakes, snake!*

So there you go. Sexiest comic ever. Except maybe this one:

* I hope Superman takes that poor snake back to the Fortress of Solitude zoo and feeds it milkshakes.


kevin said...

A water wheel? They can't walk an extra 25 feet to the river?

The Mutt said...

"I'll rule you with an iron hand... wait, what age is this? I'll rule you with a bronze han.. sorry... I'll rule you with a stone hand!"

Johnathan said...

If he did take that snake back to HQ with him (and he probably did) then there's an even chance that is got exposed to, like, Kryptonite-Q or something and has superpowers. Somewhere in the DC Universe a snake is trying to figure out how to keep a cape on so it can join the Legion of Super-Pets.

Tall^Frog © said...

Nice blog! Came across it while looking for Batman pics. Mind if I link you up? :o)

rachelle said...

Thanks! Link away!

Oh man, now I'm sad thinking about that poor snake trying to wear a cape.

Jeff said...

This is like that Mel Gibson movie and the shaving scene from The Getaway had a kid. That fought a snake. And was awesome.

SallyP said...

I'm with Jonathan. The thought of Superman saving that poor snake, is consistant with his character of course, but the thought of a supersnake in a cape, just makes me break into helpless giggles.

And Lois really should be nicer to Superman. Although I loved the fact that she thought Clark was more competent.

Mark said...

This is my favorite Lois Lane/Lana Lang Superman moment.

rachelle said...

Mark - that really is fantastic. I like Superman's face. "Gee, uh, that sounds great, Lois...but, you're totally gross."

Jeff - it actually reminded me of that shitty John Travolta movie, Phenomenon. There was, like, a 3 hour shaving scene in that flick.

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